The Most Fifth-Grade-Appropriate ‘SNL’ Sketches

A teacher asked the ‘Saturday Night Live’ subreddit for suggestions, and her fellow Redditors didn’t disappoint — and couldn’t have been more wholesome about it
The Most Fifth-Grade-Appropriate ‘SNL’ Sketches

Why couldn’t we have had Redditor lizziefreeze for a teacher back when we were in middle school? “If my kids have been exceptionally great, I will randomly share a cool song that they’d otherwise probably not be exposed to,” they wrote in the r/LiveFromNewYork subreddit. “I want to start getting some SNL sketches in there as a reward too, but it can be hard to find ones that are squeaky clean.” 

Lizziefreeze already has a list going that includes the school cafeteria classic Lunch Lady Land

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But, she asked her fellow Redditors, any other school-appropriate suggestions to help a teacher out? (WARNING: This might be the most wholesome Saturday Night Live thread in Reddit history.)

“I think More Cowbell would work for any age,” suggested RockWaterDirt. “And the lesson? Let's all work together :)” lizziefreeze loved the idea, although Will Ferrell’s “... if I didn’t perform the hell out of this!” line might need a bleep.

If More Cowbell didn’t pass the profanity test, countered RockWaterDirt, “Taco Town might work.” On this one, lizziefreeze agreed: “This is PERFECT!”

Gangreen24 has a 10-year-old who loves the What’s Up With That sketches. “Sometimes teaching feels a whoooole like What’s Up With That!” laughed lizziefreeze.

Iggyfenton suggested 1980s classic Toonces the Driving Cat. “Aww! That was one of my dad’s favorites,” responded lizziefreeze. “I’ll revisit those!”

How about that Will Forte/Tenacious D tour de force Spelling Bee, offered MilkfightEnterprises. “Bahahahaha! I could use this as a listening/typing exercise too with all those random letters!” said lizziefreeze. “Great suggestion!!!”

“Jacuzzi lifeguard is a) hilarious and b) very clean,” said Special_Maximum9633. Our teacher enthusiastically agreed: “YESSSS!!! It could also teach about how the setting you are in can help you decide what behavior is appropriate and helpful versus what behavior is inappropriate and unhelpful!”

I can't believe nobody else has recommended Fancam Assembly yet,” marveled DontTalkAboutPants. As always, lizziefreeze found a way to incorporate comedy into the curriculum: “I could use a part of that on why to avoid slang in papers!”

The recommendations continued, with the occasional sketch disqualified for a stray curse word or inappropriate allusion. But rest assured, “I’m going to have a blast watching all your suggestions,” lizziefreeze promised. “I am overwhelmed by how many people replied! THANK YOU!!!”

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