Shane Gillis Tried to Fight Joe Rogan, and It Went About How You’d Expect

Could a drunk Gillis submit a pissed-off Rogan in a no-holds-barred scrap? What do you think?
Shane Gillis Tried to Fight Joe Rogan, and It Went About How You’d Expect

It turns out that the guy who has devoted most of his adult life to the study and celebration of hand-to-hand combat is a better scrapper than the guy whose biggest fight was with Saturday Night Live’s casting director.

In terms of their combined pull in the comedy podcasting manosphere, you couldn’t pick a better clash of the titans than Joe Rogan vs. Shane Gillis unless Patrice O’Neal came back to life to mud wrestle Bert Kreischer in Tom Segura’s basement. As the heavy hitters of comedy’s anti-woke army, Rogan and Gillis represent the sternest stock that dudebro humor has to offer — but, really, most of that firepower is from the Rogan side of things. All that elk meat and testosterone therapy packs a punch.

On yesterday’s episode of Andrew Schulz’ podcast “Flagrant,” Gillis revealed that, last week, he challenged Rogan to a drunken brawl, introducing the story with a telling, “Whoops!”

“He ripped my shoulder off,” Gillis explained of the completely predictable outcome. A former offensive lineman for the United States Military Academy Black Knights, Gillis stands at 6-foot-4, dwarfing the 5-foot-7 Rogan — but training triumphed over size nonetheless. Gillis blamed himself for goading Rogan into the confrontation, saying, “I was hammered, so I was like, ‘You can’t tap me dude. Jiu Jitsu’s gay.’ I kept f–ing with him.”

Immediately, Gillis regretted his decision, saying, “He tapped me like eight times, dude. He just kept going.” Gillis’ situation wasn’t helped by the third most controversial comedian in the room at the time, Ari Shaffir, who taunted Rogan into beating Gillis even more mercilessly. “Ari was like, ‘Shane, you’re so much stronger than him, just stand up!’ Rogan was like, ‘No he’s not!’” Gillis recalled. “It’s like, dude, he’s f–ing with you, stop!”

When asked whether he would best Rogan in a sober fight, Gillis responded, “No, no, absolutely not.” The real challenge, however, would be if the two upped the ante and graduated from alcohol — let’s see them in the octagon after some DMT. Jamie, pull that up.

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