The 5 Funniest ‘Seinfeld’ Bloopers

The 5 Funniest ‘Seinfeld’ Bloopers

There are literally hours’ worth of Seinfeld goofs waiting for your enjoyment on YouTube, but not all flubs are created equal. Hearing Michael Richards saying, “What’s my line again?” is somewhat amusing the first time around, but repeated memory lapses might not satisfy your craving for laugh-out-loud blunders. And so, here are five Seinfeld filming disasters that actually deliver the goods… 

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Bro! Mansiere!

Like many compilations of Seinfeld bloopers, the Season Six blooper reel is a 15-minutes-plus affair. To get to the good stuff, scrub to the 8:07 mark where Frank Costanza describes his patented “stop short” move, a foolproof road to romance. (Pro tip: As you’ll see below, any blooper that features Jerry Stiller is worth watching.) 

First, it’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus who can’t get through Stiller’s seduction demonstration without losing it. Then it’s a series of bungled confrontations with Kramer aka ASSMAN. While the two argue over the proper name for their man-support undergarment, physical grappling turns into all-too-realistic pratfalls for Stiller, who looks like he might have actually slipped a disc. No one makes “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” groans like Stiller. 

Yankee Studios


Fast-forward to 5:31 in this Season Eight collection. The scene starts innocently enough, with Richards mistakenly calling Yankee Stadium “Yankee Studios.” Weird, but it happens. But once Louis-Dreyfus starts with the giggling, no one can stop. A few takes later, Richards once again tells Jerry about a tour of Yankee Studios, a gaffe that sends Louis-Dreyfus reeling headfirst into the refrigerator, followed by Richards collapsing to the floor. Could somebody please yell “Cut”?

He’s Dead


Just 24 seconds into the Season Five bloopers, you’ll see one of Kramer’s famous, frantic entrances. The problem: While Richards is usually the master of the comic spasm, this time he jerks the back of his skull right into Jerry’s wooden door. CRACK. Richards stumbles out as Louis-Dreyfus once again succumbs to manic cackles. 

“Is he all right?” asks real-life Jerry. “Check and see if he’s all right.” After all, it was a pretty loud crack. The still-snickering Louis-Dreyfus opens the door to check. “He’s dead,” she confirms.

Hennigans Is Damn Good Scotch


At the 2:30 mark of the Season Three bloopers, Kramer is enjoying a coffee mug of “damn good Scotch,” as one does. He breaks into an impromptu commercial for Hennigans, the Scotch that’s so good, it doesn’t even make you smell. Kramer’s pitch is interrupted, however, by Richards’ inability to remember his lines. No problem — he’ll just blame it on the Scotch, so effective that it makes you lose your mind. 

You Want a Piece of Me?


The Seinfeld blooper to end all Seinfeld bloopers. There are no mistakes or goofs this time around, just the incomparable Stiller delivering lines in such an unexpectedly hilarious manner that the rest of the cast can’t keep from falling out of our seats. Old pro Stiller never breaks character as he keeps delivering his comic threats. We’d believe it if you told us they’re still trying to get this one in the can. 

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