A Town John Oliver Relentlessly Ridiculed Has Named a Sewage Plant After Him

Danbury, Connecticut had the best response to Oliver’s completely uncalled-for insults
A Town John Oliver Relentlessly Ridiculed Has Named a Sewage Plant After Him

Welcome to Danbury, Connecticut, home of Western Connecticut State University, the world’s tallest Uncle Sam statue and the John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant.

The smarmy British HBO host has picked quite a few high-profile fights over the years — Oliver has famously feuded with the Guinness Book of World Records, Tucker Carlson, FIFA and anyone else who wielded their power selfishly and irresponsibly enough to earn a snappy segment on Last Week Tonight. However, every now and then, Oliver takes a break from punching up and sets his targets on someone that doesn’t deserve the slander he slings from behind his desk every Sunday night. And, through 10 seasons and 261 episodes, one such punching bag will eventually hit back.

After Danbury suffered a series of completely unprovoked insults from Oliver, they decided to turn the other cheek — as in, they took a dump on him by putting his name on their shit factory.

The spat started when Oliver, in the middle of a segment on the jury selection process and problems inherent in it, pointed out how the state of Connecticut accidentally excluded citizens from Hartford or New Britain from jury duty eligibility, prompting Oliver to ask, if we’re going to forget about an entire town in Connecticut, why not lose Danbury? “F- Danbury!” Oliver exclaimed. “From its charming railway museum to its historic Hearthstone Castle, Danbury, Connecticut, can eat my whole ass.”

It’s unclear exactly how Danbury became the butt of Oliver’s jokes, but he kept up his BS for a full month while playfully feuding with Danbury city officials. After multiple episodes of acrimony, Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton dealt the final blow in the fight, passing a measure to name their sewage treatment plant after the bellicose host.

Obviously, Oliver took the clapback in stride, appearing at the ribbon-cutting ceremony as part of the stipulation that he attend the honoring of his namesake. Today, the placard commemorating the John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant is a sight-seeing stop for any tourists exploring southwest Connecticut who got lost on their way to the far-superior Fairfield.

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