‘Family Guy’ Jokes Fans of the Show Feel Bad for Laughing At

‘Family Guy’ Jokes Fans of the Show Feel Bad for Laughing At

The writers at Family Guy are known for seeing just how far they can take an off-color joke before the powers that be at Fox strike them down. The earlier seasons were especially notorious for jokes, gags and bits that were unheard of at the time for a network show, which is how they made an enemy out of the watchdogs at the Parents Television Council. 

Keeping these types of jabs in mind, redditor Terrell8799 recently asked the Family Guy subreddit, “What’s a Family Guy joke you feel bad for laughing at?” With more than 200 replies and counting, I’m not sure how many of the commenters actually feel bad for laughing at some of Seth MacFarlane’s most perverse jokes. But whatever helps them sleep at night.

Son Died Tomato

Godzilla Attacks Haiti

9/11 Must’ve Been a Woman Pilot

God Making Rosie O’Donnell

Peter the Strawberry

Horton Hears Domestic Violence and Doesn’t Call 911

Ethiopian Hoarders

Prom Night Dumpster Baby

Sex Offender Rehab

‘What Are All These Parallelograms Doing Here?’

Party at Sharon Tate’s House

Michael J. Fox’s Wine Tasting

Terri Schiavo Is Kinda Alive-o

Rocky Dennis and the Blind Girl

‘You Have AIDS’

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