Comedians Who Are Equally Funny On-Stage and on Podcasts, According to Reddit

Joe Rogan, you’ve been singled out for an honorary distinction
Comedians Who Are Equally Funny On-Stage and on Podcasts, According to Reddit

“Most comics you hear about these days (are) either way more hilarious on-stage (normally older comics) or really come alive in their cozy podcast setting,” observed Small_Run_3575 in the r/Standup subreddit. “However, I swear I haven’t come across anyone who is known for being just as funny in both settings.” 

And so, Small_Run_3575 asked the group: What comedian is equally funny both on-stage and on podcasts? 

The five most popular responses are below. (PSA: We’re leaving users’ comments as is without spelling and grammar corrections. We know how to spell “Theo Von.”)

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Theo Von


“Theo Vonn is probably funnier off stage than on,” wrote xlmal16, which isn’t exactly in the spirit of the question, but so be it. “My recent favorite,” added Muted_Ant_9249.

Mark Normand


While the main Normand nomination got plenty of upvotes, he was probably nominated more times than any other comic, too. But like Vonn, users were split on whether Normand is equally funny on-stage and on podcasts. “I love him on podcasts, but not a huge fan of his stand-up,” explained sneakylfc. On the other hand, Bigchocolate420 said, “His new special on Netflix had me dying.”

Dan Soder


Upvoting Soder’s nomination, drdalebant “came here to say this one, too. So funny on bonfire and his standup is top notch.”  

“Dudes so underrated,” added Big-Opportunity-470. “He should have way more success.”

Shane Gillis


“+1 for Shane,” offered ohyoumad721, one of several users undeterred by the controversies that got Gillis booted from Saturday Night Live. “Both Matt (McCuster, Gillis’s podcast cohost) and Shane are great on their podcast and in their specials,” agreed budtuglyfuncher.

Bill Burr


With a nomination receiving more than double the upvotes of any other comic, Bil Burr was the runaway winner. “First thing I thought of,” said LeonardSmalls79. “I remember him from early O&A satellite days, and was the first guy I knew of like that.”

“I almost think he’s funnier on his podcast,” added Filmmagician. “But he’s great all around for sure.”

“My first choice,” wrote orkash. “His podcast is a mini standup that he will crack up at his own bullshit. He also murders on his guest appearances.” 

Honorable mention: Joe Rogan


Receiving nearly as many upvotes as Burr was this anti-nomination from u/J_vert: “Joe Rogan is equally not funny on and off stage.”  

At least it’s equal?

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