25 of Ayo Edebiri’s Most Hilarious Reviews on Letterboxd

25 of Ayo Edebiri’s Most Hilarious Reviews on Letterboxd

Well before her Emmy-nominated role on The Bear and a slew of other notable performances over the last year, Ayo Edebiri spent time reviewing films on Letterboxd. Despite the never-ending argument about whether or not there’s merit to logging a film with a short comedic quip versus deeper, more impactful analysis, Edebiri did as she pleased. Her reviews have amassed thousands of likes, have been reposted on other social media platforms and are part of the reason why Twitter calls her the People’s Princess. 

But in a recent interview, Edebiri shared that her Letterboxd days may be a thing of the past. As she contends with her newfound level of stardom, even finding herself a part of the Disney machine, the 27-year-old comedian told Backstage that “maybe mystery behooves (her) a little bit.” She referenced a Willem Dafoe interview in which the Asteroid City actor says something along the lines of “The reason I keep working is that nobody knows my taste.” 

While there is merit to debating the slippery slope that comes with publicly rating your contemporaries, it’s hard to believe that there was a casting director out there who took offense to the fact that Edebiri found Basic Instinct “too horny.” 

Nevertheless, in honor of Edebiri potentially shuttering her film diary, here are a handful of her best Letterboxd reviews…

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