The Five Funniest Stand-up Bits from ‘The Bear’s Ayo Edebiri

The Five Funniest Stand-up Bits from ‘The Bear’s Ayo Edebiri

Ayo Edebiri is fast becoming a comedy It Girl. Whether it’s her voice work on Big Mouth, her standout performance as a talented but slightly inexperienced sous chef in The Bear or a highly anticipated outing in the upcoming horny teen comedy Bottoms, her comedic chops consistently shine through. These five bits from her stand-up beginnings, however, prove that none of what’s happening now should come as much of a shock.

‘Nightmare Roommate Situation’

Living with total strangers is a grueling experience that’s only marginally better than being waterboarded. Edebiri reflects on these housing horrors, while admitting that sometimes they’re worth experiencing as long as you have laundry in the building.

Getting So High You Think You’re Going to Die’

If accidentally referring to herself as a “weedhead” wasn’t enough to highlight Edebiri’s inexperience with marijuana, asking Quora “is cannabis cardiac arrest?” on an anxiety-addled edible trip more than hammers it home.

‘The Four Horsemen of the Gentrification Apocalypse’

Edebiri finds herself emotionally stilted by the Four Horsemen of the Gentrification Apocalypse — seeing her gorgeous white neighbors jogging in Bed-Stuy.


Have you ever seen any three white women with mid-length hair who look like they were born in an Urban Outfitters and raised in an Anthropologie? Then like Edebiri, you keep running into HAIM.

‘On Wanting to Date a Rapper’

If you know any rappers looking for a significant other, send them Edebiri’s way, because she’s ready to date one. Why? She finds that most lyrics paint rappers’ girlfriends as everything she wants to be: “Gorgeous, financially illiterate, self-made and an all-around fun person to be around.”

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