5 MADtv Characters Who Should Have Had a Movie Instead of the ‘Night at the Roxbury’ Guys

Stuart is ready for his close-up
5 MADtv Characters Who Should Have Had a Movie Instead of the ‘Night at the Roxbury’ Guys

For every Wayne’s World, there have been five movies based on Saturday Night Live characters that just plain don’t work. The Ladies Man, It’s Pat, Stuart Saves His Family and Coneheads were critical and commercial bombs. Maybe the weirdest sketch-to-movie attempt was Night at the Roxbury, a movie starring two characters who barely spoke in their sketches. Who thought, “Yeah, let’s expand that to 90 minutes!”

Also, a legitimate question: With so many SNL characters getting their shot at the big screen, why is it that breakout characters from MADtv never got their shot at the big screen? Here are five pitches for movies starring MADtv characters that would score harder than Roxbury

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‘Crazy as Hell’ Starring Jovan

Keegan-Michael Key’s shirtless Jovan has a way of finding cameras to share his crazy-as-hell takes on whatever’s happening in the news. But what if Jovan found himself in a news situation that actually was crazy as hell? When he becomes part of a hostage situation, terrorists choose Jovan to deliver video messages to the world-at-large. Can Jovan drive his captors crazy before they decide to blow up the planet once and for all? 

‘Look What I Can Do!’ Starring Stuart

Since Stuart’s mom is always lamenting the fact that Stuart’s father left the family on Tuesday, maybe it’s high time Stuart went out looking for him. Think a Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, with Stuart’s search taking him to weirdo locations around the country — or even the world. Single mom Doreen would be in hot pursuit, a relentless chase that just might end up reuniting the family.

‘Barbie and Kenny’ Starring Kenny Rogers

Will Sasso’s over-the-top Kenny Rogers character could be dropped into any pop-culture envelope, from Punk’d to cooking shows to The Apprentice. So why not transplant him into a sequel to the summer’s biggest comedy? If Barbie wants to thrive outside of Barbieland, she’s going to have to learn that our reality’s men are way more like Kenny than Ken. 

‘Influencer!’ Starring Dot

Stephnie Weir’s nutjob kid is just the kind of insane personality to break out on TikTok. When her videos go viral, can Dot survive a world full of fervent followers, greedy sponsors and the parasocial frenemies who want to break her?

‘Precious Cargo’ Starring the UBS Guy

If you’re an evil corporate overlord with a dangerous package to deliver, Jack the UBS Guy is the perfect man for the job: Naively optimistic and always moving. So give Jack the package — ideally, something insanely valuable that breaks easily — and send him on a chaotic journey to deliver the goods. Heck, assign a beautiful bodyguard to keep an eye on him — she just might find herself won over by Jack’s good heart and shapely calves. 

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