Amy Schumer and the ‘New York Post’ Are Beefing Over Her Sun Hat

Shots were fired and hats were hit
Amy Schumer and the ‘New York Post’ Are Beefing Over Her Sun Hat

The only winners in a war between Amy Schumer and The New York Post are the people who hate both — so a good number of dudes on the internet.

As is typical for the polarizing stand-up, Schumer has been unintentionally in the news in recent weeks, with the much-anticipated release of the Barbie movie dredging up the fact that Schumer was once attached to the project as both a screenwriter and lead. While Schumer’s numerous haters have relished in the opportunity to tweet their own unoriginal spin on the “Barbie dodged a bullet take” each time the story resurfaces, Schumer herself has stayed relatively silent on the matter — until Monday. Following the record-breaking Barbenheimer weekend, Schumer posted a photo of herself on Instagram with the cheeky caption, “Really enjoyed Barbie and Oppenheimer but I think I should have played Emily Blunts role. Do better Hollywood.”

Reporting on the story, The New York Post described the picture in detail, noting her “large, unflattering sun hat.” J. Robert Oppenheimer built a bomb to end a war. The New York Post dropped theirs to start one.

While we wait for Instagram’s community fact-checkers to confirm Schumer’s claim that the sun hat in question was “voted most flattering hat by women trying to protect themselves from the sun,” it’s important to note that the path to de-escalation starts on the New York Post side — as they fired the first shot, so should they offer the first olive branch if they don’t want the beef to escalate.

That said, The New York Post may relish the opportunity to trade blows with Schumer — after all, feuding with a comic on Instagram isn't that much further away from journalism than their usual work.

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