13 Hall-of-Fame Worthy Jokes and Moments from ‘Harley Quinn’

No joke, ‘Harley Quinn’ might be the funniest show on streaming
13 Hall-of-Fame Worthy Jokes and Moments from ‘Harley Quinn’

Harley Quinn is arguably the best executed show joke-for-joke currently on streaming. While it could easily lean on the DC references and shock-value humor, the writing is wickedly insightful and hilarious, giving a fresh feel to ridiculously well-covered ground and characters. From a deeper, more adult examination of Harley and Ivy’s relationship to the inspired realization that Clayface will always be a theater kid at heart, there is an odd authenticity within this spoofy animated series that succeeds where copycat shows like Velma fail. 

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To celebrate its new season — and, well, just because — we’re inducting these choice-cut jokes from Harley Quinn into our Comedy Hall of Fame...

When Penguin’s Nephew Was Called Out By Bane

The credit card is for emergencies only, and Bane will be your credit card’s reckoning.

Killer Croc and Enchantress’ Meet-Cute

Alfred as Macaroni

Harley Quinn not only features the Bat Family but adds a new persona to its fighting ranks: Alfred as the crime-fighting fop The Macaroni.

When Brett Goldstein Saved Gotham on Valentine’s Day

Being both a lure and an inspiration, Brett Goldstein helped save Gotham from a giant rampaging Bane and his giant rampaging erection. Well, Goldstein and arguments about grammar.

The Legion of Doom Meeting

Harley got to experience her first Legion of Doom board meeting to experience villain camaraderie while also brainstorming ideas, including Joker’s giant tower with his face on it. But will poor Bane get a new office chair?

Two-Face Buttering Up Bane

Two-Face attempts to partner with Bane by trying to play up his ego (poorly) and also offer the one thing Bane has been aching to obtain for years: the aforementioned new office chair.

When the Joker Found Out Bruce Wayne is Batman

During Joker’s “25th birthday month,” Scarecrow unmasked Bats to ruin Joker’s dynamic with his primary archenemy. He’s still waiting for his electric car.

Commissioner Gordon and Clayface’s Hand

In the midst of an interrogation, a true bond formed between Jim Gordon and the severed sentient hand of Clayface. It’s bizarre, yet beautiful.

Sy Borgman Violently Turns into a Car

Jason Alexander plays Sy Borgman, Harley’s landlord, who is also an ex-CIA spy, who the agency turned into a transform— er, sorry, transchanger.

Clayface as Stephanie

Ever the thespian, Clayface personified a perfect cover as a college girl named Stephanie that can really pull off that crop top somehow.

Harley Causes Goons, Er, Henchmen to Revolt

After liberating herself from The Joker, Harley inspires a barroom of fellow henches to do the same, much to the frustration of Batman’s higher-tiered rogues.

Harley Picking a Fight With Lois Lane

In an attempt to find a new arch-nemesis, Harley kidnaps Lois Lane to get Superman’s attention. Unfortunately, she gets stuck with her assigned dance partner Robin. Ugh.

King Shark Just Being King Shark

Listen, if you have a character that’s a good-natured, blood-crazed superpredator voiced by Ron Funches, you’re going to have gold in every episode.

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