Wendy Williams Lusting After Larry David Is the Most Important Video on Twitter

A chance meeting between the talk show host and Larry ‘The Panty Dropper’ David goes viral
Wendy Williams Lusting After Larry David Is the Most Important Video on Twitter

If Seinfeld is to be believed, Wendy Williams and Marisa Tomei have a lot in common.

Larry David might not be short or stocky enough for the latter, but the creator of and inspiration behind George Costanza had the same effect on the former that his on-screen counterpart briefly enjoyed for one wondrous moment in 1996. When Williams ran into David in 2020, the talk show host received a crash course in animal magnetism courtesy of the Curb Your Enthusiasm creator that left a warm, lasting impression on her panties.

The video of Williams describing the meet-cute resurfaced earlier this week, with some Twitter users boldly declaring the clip as “the most important video of all time” — they must not have seen Sour Grapes.

Williams isn’t the first woman to fall in lust with David after a chance meeting at The 92nd Street Y, and she likely won’t be the last. That’s not to say that the connection they shared wasn't meaningful — it just wasn’t unique. As we’ve established, this is the man on whom George Costanza is based. That guy dated half of New York while living in his parents' house — imagine how much tail David could pull in his penthouse. All David needs to do when he wants a new girlfriend is stand on the roof of the Empire State Building at night and let the moonbeams bounce off his shiny bald head like a Bat Signal calling all of Manhattan’s most eligible bachelorettes to action.

Much to the dismay of Williams, David is also happily married, so hes probably not on the prowl for fresh panties to be dropped. However, in the unlikely and unfortunate event that David ever finds himself back on the dating market, Manhattanites be warned — the 92nd Street Y will be swarming with single women, courtesy of some tips learned from the most important video on the internet.

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