Did DJ Jazzy Larry David Actually Spin at Jon Hamm’s Wedding?

Was the ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ star a DJ at Hamm’s nuptials? We investigate
Did DJ Jazzy Larry David Actually Spin at Jon Hamm’s Wedding?

Look, Jon Hamm did pretty well for himself when he starred on Mad Men, raking in about $4 million a season. So if he wanted a DJ for his wedding reception— the longtime bachelor married Mad Men bit player Anna Osceola over the weekend — it shouldn’t have been a problem hiring an actual professional. The Cracked Research and Fact Verification Desk has yet to confirm the actual post-wedding entertainment for the Hamm nuptials, but a picture uploaded to Twitter last night seems to indicate that Hamm instead opted for a qualified amateur to do the job.

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While no journalistic sources have confirmed that all-star grump Larry David invited the guests’ collective booty to the dance floor, the evidence is compelling:

  • A few Redditors have weighed in positively. “For anyone wondering, (the picture is) from John Hamm’s wedding,” said u/MostlyBullshitStory, a username that admittedly calls the post’s veracity into question.
  • We can confirm Larry David was a guest at the wedding, wearing a jacket, shirt, and tie combo that appears to match the ensemble he’s sporting in the DJ picture. Sounds like proof to us! 
  • Larry himself is no stranger to the DJ game, assembling a Curb-themed playlist for Spotify that, with some modifications, could absolutely pump up the jams. While launching into Frolic (Curb Your Enthusiasm Theme) should probably wait until the bouquet throw, David’s playlist features some decent songs for the inevitable “Can you play something slow?” requests from John Slattery, including Frankie Valli’s Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Sinatra’s I’ve Got You Under My Skin, and Sam Cooke’s (What A) Wonderful World.

Likely not on Larry’s playlist? Peaches by the Presidents of the United States of America.

Finally, DJ Jazzy Larry seems like he’d be a perfect choice for Jon Hamm’s special day (though he probably had to talk Anna into the idea). The two men have so much in common — mannerisms, vocal tics, disdain for lukewarm coffee. 

If Hamm wanted a wedding DJed his way, why not enlist the guy who most clearly shares your enthusiasms? If sticks-in-the-mud aren’t making their way to the dance floor, you know David won’t let up on the kvetching until the assembled guests give in to his demands. Now get out there, Tina Fey and Judd Hirsch — it’s time to do the Cha Cha Slide!

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