What If Larry David Was A Dinosaur?

When it comes to accurately describing what dinosaurs looked like, paleontologists aren't exactly batting a thousand.

That's why we applaud Dougal Dixon, author of the speculative evolution book The New Dinosaurs. Dixon describes what dinosaurs would be like today, had they not gone extinct, and you can't prove him wrong!

Oh, important note: one of these little gremlins looks like a Larry David Muppet.

Meet the squad Balaclav (fat Yeti) Monocorn (skinny buffalo) Wandle Cugh) CRACKEDCON

It also inadvertently answers the question: what if Larry David was a furry little lizard Muppet? Tropical rainforest TREE HOPPER Arbrosaurus hernardi

He's a dead ringer for Larry David (1) He respects Wood! (tail for balancing while tree-hopping) (snout for winkling insects' out of trees) CRACKED

What If Larry David Was A Dinosaur?

CRACKED.COM screeeeeeee We Love You, Larry David Dinosaur!

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