Jonah Hill Pranked Justin Long With Underaged Girls 20 Years Ago on ‘Punk’d’

Jonah Hill Pranked Justin Long With Underaged Girls 20 Years Ago on ‘Punk’d’

Astoundingly, this isn’t the first time Jonah Hill dragged Justin Long into some uncomfortable drama involving a teenage girl.

The Superbad star is in hot water over a handful of accusations thrown at him by his ex-girlfriend, surf instructor Sarah Brady, and Alexa Nichols, an actress best known for her appearances on the hit Nickelodeon series Zoey 101. Brady has accused Hill of a pattern of “emotionally abusive” behavior while Nichols claims that, when she was just 16 years old, she attended a party hosted by Long where Hill nonconsensually “slammed me (against a) door and shoved his tongue down my throat." Hill has denied Nichols' claim, with his representatives calling the story “a complete fabrication.”

Earlier this week, Nichols was shocked to learn that the two men linked to the alleged incident had a bizarre history with the whole “underaged girls partying with older actors” thing — even more shocking is the fact that Ashton Kutcher is responsible for it.

Back in 2003, Long was Punk'd with a simple set-up — Long and his brother join Hill for dinner at a nice restaurant. Hill, the accomplice in the scenario, brings along a pair of young, pretty blond women who immediately order cocktails and drink heavily during the beginning of the evening. The whole joke gets a little convoluted when the irate restaurant manager, upon revealing that the girls are underaged, somehow gets the girls’ father to crash the party in record time in order to admonish Long and his “lard ass” friend (his words, not mine).

“I just saw it for the first time today,” Nichols told Page Six of the strange sketch. “We as a society should be deeply disturbed that those men and the network signed off on that episode being released. … They had no shame. (It) says a lot about our culture at the time.”

Let's be perfectly clear — no one in Hollywood has shame. If they did, Long and Hill never would have appeared in Strange Wilderness.

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