15 Trivia Tidbits About ‘South Park’s Tegridy Farms

Randy Marsh: Weed farmer, possibly mass murderer
15 Trivia Tidbits About ‘South Park’s Tegridy Farms

The 22nd season of South Park introduced fans to Tegridy Farms, Randy Marsh’s newly-bought piece of cannabis land he acquired to escape school shootings and kids exchanging pictures of dogs’ buttholes for vape juice. Since then, Randy’s farm has become one of the biggest locations in the weird little Colorado town, and according to Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the farm might one day become a reality. 

To learn more, grab yourself a towel, hum a song about farm living and inhale these trivia tokes about the greenest farm since Green Acres...

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MedMen Didn’t Mind Being Spoofed

MedMen is one of the largest cannabis companies in the world, which is why South Park chose to spoof their famous Spike Jonze-directed commercial, “The New Normal.”

When asked how they felt about being lampooned on a show known for taking shots at practically everyone, CEO Adam Bierman told Forbes, “I’m humbled by South Park’s parody. You know, we’ve always said in order to mainstream marijuana, in order to build the mainstream cannabis brand, in order (to) be open and welcoming enough for new people — the cannabis users of tomorrow — you’ve got to become relevant. That’s what a brand is. The fact that they decided we’re the most culturally relevant cannabis brand on the planet is humbling.”

Stone and Parker Want to Launch a Real-Life Tegridy Farm

In 2021, the creators closed on a $900 million ViacomCBS deal that will allow them to continue producing the show and expand the South Park brand. Stone told Bloomberg following the signing of the colossal deal: “These are multi-year projects we invested a bunch of money in. We have a South Park 3D video game, release date unknown. We have a horror movie. A musical. I think we’re really, for the first time, going to bring Tegridy Weed into real life.”

The Tegridy Farm Music Cues Pay Homage to Stone and Parker’s Live-Action Sitcom

In 2001, Stone and Parker released their sitcom That’s My Bush! that saw only one season air on Comedy Central before it got canned.

The creators would later use the show’s transition cues for that saxophone riff heard at the beginning of those Tegridy Farms scenes in “Mexican Joker.”

There’s a Tegridy Farms Business Website (That’s Not Affiliated with ‘South Park’)

Created by Brandon Hansen and Justin Snavely, Tegridy Farms LLC is (or perhaps, was) situated in Patrick Springs, Virginia, after the co-owners received an “unexpected license approval” to name their marijuana business after South Park’s famous landmark. The only products currently up for sale on the website are two cannabis salves, but by the look of their social media pages, it doesn’t seem like they’re actively doing business anymore.

Tegridy Farms Has Its Own Official Twitter Account

While the page enjoys 116.6K followers, it only follows two accounts: The official South Park account and Casa Bonita

Parker and Stone Have Tegridy License Plates

During a special charity event in 2021, the governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, gifted the South Park creators with special license plates that are in the color of their pot-themed plates and have TEGRIDY written in bold.

The Commercial Is a Shoutout to the Show’s 300th Episode

In the Season 23 episode, “Shots!!!,” Randy does a commercial bragging that his farm has made $300,000 selling weed since he’s been in business. It’s a nod to the fact that the episode is the show’s 300th, or as Randy says: “It’s a 300 Palooza!”

Randy and Towelie Are Probably Murderers

On the South Park Studios official web page, it’s stated that the two Tegridy Farms partners “may have committed a co-conspiracy, multi-level murder, seeing that the lobbyist, or any person Randy fought (in the episode, ‘Tegridy Farms’), wasn’t shown to come out of the explosion of Big Vape alive.”

‘On a Colorado Farm’ Has Some Special Extra Lyrics

During the South Park: The 25th Anniversary Concert, Parker sang these additional lyrics to the Tegridy Farms song, clearly making fun of the show’s recurring “They took our jobs!” gag: “Well, it was going great, it was going good. The weed was growing like good weed should. Then Joe Biden took my job! Joe Biden took our jobs!”

The Tegridy Farms Pumpkin Stencils

Following the “Tegridy Farms Halloween Special” from Season 23, the show designed special Tegridy Farms pumpkin stencils that folks could download to decorate their holiday gourds.

Tegridy Farms Is the Product of the Creators Getting Older

During an interview with Vanity Fair discussing the show’s PC commentary (and prior to introducing Tegridy Farms), Stone explained, “It’s like, ‘Well, are we old?’ Do you know what I mean? It’s like, ‘Is this political correctness gone wild, or are we just old?’ And it’s kind of both.” This revelation seemingly led to the whole plot where Randy Marsh wants to live a simpler life out on a farm (at least, at first), growing and smoking his own weed and forcing his family to wear hemp clothes.

The ‘Tegridy Farms’ Episode Is Considered One of the Show’s Best Episodes

Ranked by many as among the best South Park has produced over the years, the episode that first saw Randy up his family and move to a weed farm seemed to have hit a sweet spot with (most) critics and audiences alike. The A.V. Club declared that the episode demonstrated that Parker and Stone were “back on their game,” and, as BuzzFeed pointed out, it catapulted Randy Marsh from a side character to a prominent South Park fixture. In fact, in 2020, Randy narrowly beat Cartman in a Twitter poll to claim Greatest Character of the show that year.

Fans and Viewers Eventually Became Tired of the Tegridy Farms Plots

While many enjoyed the introduction of Tegridy Farms at first, by Season 23, a lot of viewers were over it. Fans on Reddit said that it was overdone, Twitter users were vocal about their dislike and Screen Rant called for the show to drop its marijuana farm completely, saying, “South Park, first and foremost, is unique among televised political satire for taking the perspective of children and depicting their reactions to the world’s absurdity — something that is lost when the series instead revolves around Randy.” 

Towelie Might Be More Popular Than Randy Now

While folks have grown tired of Randy dominating so many South Park episodes, Towelie — who, when first conceived, was dubbed as “the worst South Park character” — has only gained in popularity. Serving as Randy’s right-hand marijuana business, uh, partner, Towelie has been an integral part in the evolution of Tegridy Farms and has since seen his face plastered on a special edition of Adidas shoes, not to mention every other piece of merchandise imaginable.


The Show Accurately Portrayed Both the Equity and Equality Struggles in the Cannabis Industry

In the episode “The Big Fix,” Randy hires Steve Black as his financial consultant after finding out that people were boycotting farms that did not employ people of color. Steve Black accepted the offer, and then this happened:

A demographic study released in September 2021 by the Marijuana Enforcement Division showed that 83.7 percent of cannabis licensees were white, while 7.7 percent were Latino and only 2.9 percent were Black. John Bailey, the head of the Black Cannabis Equity Initiative working hard on changing things in Colorado, said that “social equity is always at the bottom of the totem pole. It’s definitely an uphill battle. It’s going to take a lot of collective work from everyone.”


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