Remember the ’90s? Back then nickels cost a dollar, and a dollar could pay for a spaceship you could use to fly away from Bill Gates’ 99 Apocalypse. Back then, children were created that, somehow, would still be on the air an entire birth, childhood, teenage years, European break, and college graduation worth of years later. Since then a lot has changed. We’ve had like eight presidents, and being gay is no longer as funny or as controversial as it was then (although, surprisingly, abortions have gained in controversial status lately), but South Park still is. Eight games, a movie, and an entire human being’s journey from first breath to first legal drink’s worth of time, and the show is still going … strong? Here’s a look back at what a weird strange trip it’s been. Remember when people cared enough about Korn for them to be brought into the hip new cartoon cursing show on Comedy Central?

Kenny McCormick

South Park Then VS. Now KENNY McCORMICK He's alive. For now... TRASH CRACKED.COM

Kyle Broflovski

South Park Then vs. Now KYLE BROFLOSVKI Не didn't have a name, and we didn't know he was Jewish. CRACKED.COM

Stan Marsh

South Park Then VS. Now STAN MARSH Не has grown a stronger stomach. CRACKED.COM

Eric Cartman

South Park Then VS. Now TOMS RHIN ERIC CARTMAN There are not enough anal probes to match the giant pain in other people's asses Cartman causes. CRACKED.COM

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Butters Stotch

South Park Then VS. Now BUTTERS STOTCH From grounded to arrested for pinching and sentenced to 5 years of community service. Oh, hamburgers! CRACKED.COM


South Park Then VS. Now AB HEA CHEF The beloved and light-hearted mentor joined the darkest of the dark sides. Younglings watch out. CRACKED.COM

Mrs. Cartman

South Park Then VS. Now 5 Mrs. CARTMAN Wieners are still a big part of her life. CONEY ISLAND HOTDOG CRACKED.COM

Randy Marsh

South Park Then vs. Now RANDY MARSH South Park's local geologist is now South Park's local marijuana farmer. - - TEGRIDY FARMS CRACKED.COM

Mr. Garrison

South Park Then vs. Now red ball. direct object US-COUS. direct object ny grandpa. noun hink that Cathy Lee Gifford verb noun claims to be. Mr. GARRISON The boys' 3rd-grade teacher is now their 4th-grade teacher. (With a stint as President of the United States along the way.) HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS CRACKED.COM

Tolkien Black

South Park Then vs. Now T TOLKIEN BLACK We finally discovered that, despite his name, Tolkien really hates The Lord Of The Rings. CRACKED.COM

Jimmy & Timmy

South Park Then VS. Now JIMMY & TIMMY From blood rivals to best bros. 5 CRACKED.COM

Al Gore

South Park Then VS. Now AL GORE We should have gotten cereal about the dangers of clima-uh, ManBearPig when we had the chance. Super cereal. CRACKED.COM

South Park Then VS. Now SATAN Не died for our sins. CRACKED.COM


South Park Then VS. Now JESUS Behold the power of Christ. CRACKED.COM


South Park Then vs. Now GOD Still high and mighty. R BEST HIL BUY CRACKED.COM


South Park Then vs. Now FARM TEGRIDY FARM GR TOWELIE Still mighty high. CRACKED.COM

Mr. Hankey

South Park Then VS. Now MR. HANKEY, The Christmas Poo Kicked out of town for offensive tweets, Mr. Hankey found a new home. SPRINGFIELD CRACKED.COM

Barbra Streisand

South Park Then VS. Now BARBRA STREISAND She got some work done. CRACKED.COM

George Clooney

South Park Then VS. Now GEORGE CLOONEY From a smug cloud to a smug cabal. Allegedly. CRACKED.COM

Scott Tenorman's Parents

South Park Then VS. Now SouthParkNews SCOTT TENORMAN'S PARENTS Lesson: Don't sell Cartman fake pubes. CRACKED.COM


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