A T-Shirt from Target Won’t Turn Your Child Gay, But These 37 Other Things Will

Thanks to Gillian Anderson in ‘The X-Files,’ we’re all gay now
A T-Shirt from Target Won’t Turn Your Child Gay, But These 37 Other Things Will

We’re halfway through 2023, and the myth of the Gay Agenda is unfortunately as strong as ever. Dating back to 1992, the alleged Gay Agenda was the foundation of an anti-LGBT propaganda video series created by a California-based evangelical group. Three decades later and we’re still stuck with a phrase that’s honestly hysterical despite the ideology’s hateful roots. Politicians, news anchors and freaks subscribed to Twitter Blue refuse to let it die — all with the intent to fearmonger and spread hate. The latest entity accused of spreading the Gay Agenda™? Big-box retailer Target.

Like many other brands, Target has a history of rolling out Pride merchandise around this time of year. Normally, these decorative mugs and commemorative T-shirts are proudly on display in locations across the country. But with a wave of anti-trans legislation and uptick in discrimination, the company has found itself in the conservative bull’s-eye.

Washington Post reported that Target locations in Oklahoma, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont and Louisiana were evacuated after receiving bomb threats as backlash to the stores stocking Pride merchandise. While no explosives were found, it’s still frightening to think that an ill-fitting T-shirt with a rainbow flag could elicit such a reaction. 

In response to the growing division and heightened safety risks, Target released a statement about its decision to relocate the merchandise and, in some cases, pull it from shelves entirely. Many have responded with understandable disappointment, including the Human Rights Campaign, which urged Target not to push its merchandise “into the proverbial closet.” 

Amidst all this back and forth, Twitter user @sunbeamednines cheekily acknowledged that “a rainbow shirt in Target won’t turn your kids gay but Vera Farmiga in Hawkeye will.” Naturally, the timeline took a liking to the prompt and shared some of their own gay awakenings. 

Robbie Williams in the “Rock DJ” music video, this one’s for you. 

Mariska Hargitay in ‘Law & Order: SVU’

Eliza Dushku in ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’

Lucy Lawless in ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’

Linda Hamilton in ‘Terminator’

Laura Dern in ‘Jurassic Park’

Gillian Anderson in ‘The X-Files’

The Cast of ‘The Mummy’ (1999)

Harrison Ford in ‘Indiana Jones’

Lashana Lynch in ‘The Woman King’

Cassandra Peterson as Elvira

The Cast of ‘Atlantis: The Lost Empire’

Brendan Fraser in ‘George of the Jungle’

Tom Hardy’s Lips

Chris Evans

The National Hockey League

Christine Baranski in ‘Mamma Mia!’

A 2004 Abercrombie & Fitch Shopping Bag

Sigourney Weaver in ‘Alien’

Chris O’Donnell in ‘Batman & Robin’

Halle Berry in ‘Catwoman’

The Hex Girls from ‘Scooby-Doo’

Natalie Portman in ‘Star Wars’

Kate McKinnon in ‘Ghostbusters’ (2016)

Shego and Kim Possible from ‘Kim Possible’

‘Sailor Moon’

‘The First Wives Club’

Embeth Davidtz in ‘Matilda’

Linda Cardellini in ‘Scooby-Doo’

Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenowith in ‘Wicked’

Bernadette Peters in ‘Cinderella’ (1996)

Hayley Williams in 2007

Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly in ‘Bound’

Cate Blanchett in ‘Ocean’s 8’

Nichelle Nichols in ‘Star Trek’

Charlize Theron in ‘The Old Guard’

Kristen Stewart in ‘Underwater’

Janelle Monáe

Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor in ‘Moulin Rouge’

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