22 Tweets and TikToks That Whipped Us Into a Frenzy Last Week

There should be a law about the proper way to share loaded nachos
22 Tweets and TikToks That Whipped Us Into a Frenzy Last Week

Contrary to what we’d like to believe, the amber haze that took over New York this week wasn’t a guerrilla campaign to promote the release of Diablo IV. Intense wildfires in Eastern Canada forced smoke to New York, causing the city’s residents to endure the worst air quality on record for the region. While these types of conditions aren’t new to other parts of the country, rather than commiserate over the shared experience of the harmful impacts of the climate crisis, it’s turned into New Yorkers and Californians having a pissing contest over who is experiencing more suffering. Spoiler: No one will win this battle but Mother Nature

In entertainment news, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse has swung into theaters and the very top of Letterboxd’s Official Top 250 Narrative Feature Films. The second entry in the trilogy introduced audiences to many new Spider-Folk like Lego Spider-Man, a pregnant, motorcycle driving Spider-Woman and Spider-Punk who definitely would not have purchased Twitter Blue. Jimmy Pesto of Bob’s Burgers fame, on the other hand, probably would. And Jay Johnston, the actor who voices the adversarial chef, was charged this week for his involvement in the January 6th insurrection, which is also something that would likely happen to Jimmy Pesto.

Amid all of this, we’ve had some funny tweets and TikToks gracing our timelines, including a dog who takes commands from Bonnie Tyler, an innovator who thinks Lydia Tár and Miss Piggy are kindred spirits and someone who would like to have a frank discussion about the politics of loaded nachos. 

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