‘Revenge of the Nerds’ star Curtis Armstrong Explains the Difference Between Dorks and Nerds

If anyone knows the true essence of nerdom, it’s Booger
‘Revenge of the Nerds’ star Curtis Armstrong Explains the Difference Between Dorks and Nerds

In a beef no one could have predicted, long deceased Scottish biographer James Boswell found himself in the crosshairs of Curtis Armstrong, who is best known for playing Booger in the Revenge of the Nerds franchise. Responding to a piece of prose from the writer, Armstrong called Boswell a “dork” and was confused as to how he “created deathless literature.” 

It’s one thing to have your literary prowess questioned, but to be called a dork? That stings much, much harder. 

After delivering the burn, Armstrong, in quite possibly the nerdiest way possible, went on to dissect the differences between a nerd and a dork. He shared that he and fellow Nerds actor Robert Carradine had created a clear delineation between nerds and dorks, deciding that “nerds are specialists in a given field.” Think Trekkies, your favorite scientist and professional Overwatch players. They’ve got a passion they commit to and continue to excitedly develop it through knowledge or collecting action figures. 

Dorks, on the other hand, dip their toes into many pots. Armstrong rather politely describes the cross-functional intelligence as being “active in multiple nerd universes.” But the real kick in the ass comes with the caveat that dorks “couldn’t get a date in any of (those universes).” So although dorks have an unwieldy amount of knowledge about things, they get no maidens.

Hope’s not lost for you dorks out there, though. Speaking through his own personal experience, Armstrong says it’s possible to make the enlightened transition from dork to nerd, which is an insane but admirable way to admit to his 137,000 Twitter followers that he’s had sex before. He also proudly declares that neither nerds nor dorks discriminate, and that all walks of life are welcome — even dweebs. 

All of which really begs the question: What’s a dweeb?

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