Max Has Crossed the Line By Cutting ‘Space Ghost: Coast to Coast’

Among a multitude of sins, axing ‘Space Ghost’ is the most grievous
Max Has Crossed the Line By Cutting ‘Space Ghost: Coast to Coast’

OK, Max, now you’ve done it. Removing the “HBO,” one of the most hallowed brands in entertainment, from your name? Stupid, but up to you. Flipping everyone over to a new app, then causing havoc when no one can log in (or crashing when they can)? That’s one way to keep your subscribers miserable. But when you do a content purge and remove Space Ghost: Coast to Coast? Now you’ve crossed the line, you raging Maxhole.

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My app’s home screen is irreparably damaged, with HBOMax classics replaced by garbage like Match Me Abroad, Windy City Rehab and What Am I Eating with Zooey Deschanel. As for our beloved Space Ghost: Coast to Coast? Gone to make room for the likes of 1000-lb Sisters. In the words of Space Ghost himself, “Oh boy, the Shatner's really hit the fan now. I'm up Dawson's Creek without a paddle.”

Over on Reddit’s u/adultswim, the animated masses aren’t happy. “I am now even more satisfied with cancelling my subscription,” says u/werealldeadramones.  “Removing Metalocalypse and Space Ghost? We riot,” threatened u/KingVape. Perhaps u/heavymetalmyguy best summed up everyone’s frustrations: “FUCK DISCOVER WARNER”

But killing Space Ghost (does this make him an actual ghost now?) wasn’t enough for Max. In addition to angering customers, it seems determined to piss off the professionals who create TV shows and movies as well. 

Rather than listing the credits of writers and directors — you know, the way every other service on the planet does — Max has decided to lump everyone into a ‘creator’ bucket as if Martin Scorsese and Logan Paul pretty much do the same kind of thing. 

Nora Zuckerman, a showrunner for Poker Face, was incredulous, flagging the various guilds for writers, directors, and producers in a “sound the alarms” tweet. “How do they think the @WGAWest @directorsguild and @producersguild would be even remotely okay with this?” 

“They’re about to receive so many letters from lawyers,” tweeted writer @JayElHarris. “It’s literally in our contracts how we get credited.” 

All in all, off to a great start, Max! Find some puppies to kick and you’ll hit the trifecta. 

One final note for Space Ghost: Coast to Coast fans: There is a silver-lining secret. SGC2C is available to stream free (albeit with unskippable commercials) on the Adult Swim website and app. 

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