TikToker Perfectly Impersonates Every Annoying Indie Rom-Com Lead

All that’s missing is a ukulele
TikToker Perfectly Impersonates Every Annoying Indie Rom-Com Lead

Zach Braff is officially on notice.

The Manic Pixie Dream Girl is a trope likely known by anyone who watched one of the seemingly thousands of quirky, twee indie films from the 1990s and 2000s about a dopey white guy who meets a hot, alternative white girl. In these movies, the lonely, late-20s hero, who probably does something creative and sensitive for work (such as writing wish-fulfillment screenplays), meets an outgoing woman with an atypical haircut and a spirit of adventure that inspires him to leave his shell. They spend the film frolicking through thrift stores and dive bars, but, sadly, the MPDG breaks off their relationship in the third act in order to go unicycling across the country, leaving our hero with a couple cutesy life lessons and a cooler taste in music.

One TikTok star, comedian Delaney Rowe, has diluted every one of these intolerable indie films down to one video so that no one ever has to watch Elizabethtown again. Rowe’s character is the definitive insufferable female lead of a romantic indie film — let’s give Rowe her (Ramona) flowers.

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