The American Version of ‘The Office’ Has Brits Wondering If Scranton Is a Real Place

The U.K. can’t tell if the Electric City is a real place — they must never learn the truth
The American Version of ‘The Office’ Has Brits Wondering If Scranton Is a Real Place

It is over. We are screwed. The Brits are onto us.

When Greg Daniels and Michael Schur took on the task of adapting Britain’s hottest sitcom, a little series called The Office, for an American audience, these patriots made the brave and prudent decision to hide our paper-selling secrets from Ricky Gervais and the rest of the Brits who spilled the beans on Slough, England’s paper business. Instead of giving the U.K. the inside track on our small, regional office supply companies’ confidential corporate tricks and practices, they set The Office in the completely fictional town of Scranton, Pennsylvania, a place about as real as Gotham City or Wyoming.

However, according to Google Search data gathered on U.K. office supply store TonerGiant’s blog, Office fans across the pond are digging into the deception, with almost 5,000 Brits per year Googling the phrase, “Is Scranton a real place?” Though it may seem trivial to continue this charade 10 years after the series finale of The Office (U.S. Edition), it would be a slap in the face to the brave Americans who have kept this secret for years to let the Brits uncover the shocking truth. President Joe Biden still claims to have been born in this imaginary place called Scranton, are we really about to let a few thousand Brits get the best of him?

It’s time for Office fans to travel to “Lackawanna County,” “Pennsylvania” and put up a façade for our former oppressors — let’s band together and make the Electric City a real thing. However, in this task, we can afford no Benedict Arnolds — Toby Flenderson need not apply.

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