The Official ‘Office’ YouTube Channel Has Descended into Madness

The Official ‘Office’ YouTube Channel Has Descended into Madness

Don’t know if you’ve heard but one of your favorite TV comedies is having a birthday.

We’re not sure if the following celebration was sanctioned by the Scranton branch Party Planning Committee, but The Office’s official YouTube channel is pumping up the jam with a new video that drags viewers kicking and screaming into sitcom insanity. Behold the poetically named “The Office but it Gets Progressively More Chaotic.” 

The compilation starts placidly enough, with Creed Bratton arriving for work and wishing us a pleasant morning. Then the slow burn begins to build … Michael punches his way through a paper sign. He hits Meredith with his car. He reveals that there’s a handgun in his desk drawer. Just your average, languidly paced series of scenes demonstrating the show’s trademark awkward.

Soon enough, the anarchy kicks in. A gunshot! A heart attack! Mass hysteria! Along the way, there are chili spills, office spankings, and flailing hammers shattering plasma TVs. And then things get really loud. It’s a good reminder that while the show was set in the most mundane of cubicle farms, The Office was often rooted in pandemonium. 

Deedle-Dee Productions

Pretty much the aesthetic here.

It’s as if the YouTube producers took this old Michael Scott axiom to heart: “I learned a while back, that if I don’t text 911, people will not return my calls. But now people always return my calls because they think that something horrible has happened.” This video is The Office sending a 911 to all its fans. Go nuts and play it at 2X speed for maximum effect.

And don’t forget to shout “Parkour!” 

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