Netflix Slaps Chris Rock With the Blame for ‘Love Is Blind’ Breakdown

The excuse for the hairy live-streaming debacle was a little backhanded
Netflix Slaps Chris Rock With the Blame for ‘Love Is Blind’ Breakdown

According to Netflix, Chris Rock’s comedy ruined another red carpet event.

This past Sunday, the much-anticipated Love is Blind reunion special was supposed to be Netflix’s next big foray into live-event streaming following Rock’s record-breaking comedy special Selective Outrage. The show features a handful of attention-attracted singles courting each other entirely through voice chat, then, after 10 days, the couples have the option to get married and reveal their faces. 

The reunion was meant to give the audience a glimpse into how these relationships had progressed past the week-and-a-half of phone calls that led to a “lifetime commitment” — however, as fans of the hit dating show have screamed on Twitter and other social media platforms, technical problems prevented Netflix from streaming the special live, and viewers were forced to wait an entire 18 hours before they could watch a recording of the event.

Netflix has made the bald-faced move to blame Selective Outrage for the outage, claiming that technical changes made following Rock’s stream accidentally introduced a glitch to the service that wasn’t caught until after the highly publicized blunder. Though it seems doubtful that the explanation was intended as a backhanded jab at Rock, it seems distasteful to involve the comic in another hairy public controversy after everything that’s happened to him in the past year. 

Please, Love is Blind, keep Chris Rock’s name out of your — oh forget it.

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