For Thirty Bucks, You Can Watch Jeanie Buss and the Laker Girls Open for Jay Mohr

What do you call 12 millionaires around a TV watching the NBA Finals? The Los Angeles Lakers
For Thirty Bucks, You Can Watch Jeanie Buss and the Laker Girls Open for Jay Mohr

We imagine that Jay Mohr’s proposal to Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss was straight out of the playbook of Bob Sugar, the borderline-evil sports agent he played in Jerry Maguire: “You’re the most important person in sports, and I just want to know one thing: how does that make you feel? I will kill for you, I will maim for you, I will rape and pillage for you. I just want to be the first to tell you that I was talking to Doritos about you and they’re interested. I just need to know, are you in or are you out? You’ll be so happy you stayed with me because I am the fucking terminator.”

Because frankly, it would take that level of undying devotion to explain how admitted joke-thief Mohr has talked Buss into becoming his opening act:

That’s right, we’re only days away from your chance to see Buss and the world-famous Laker Girls open for Mohr at the Ice House, “the official comedy club of the Los Angeles Lakers.” (We’d say the underachieving team’s own locker room would qualify for that honor but we don’t want to piss off LeBron.) At 30 bucks a ticket, how could one not check this out?

The blurb “Comedy’s New DYNAMIC DUO” suggests that the two might actually perform together. They certainly make an intriguing 21st century Burns and Allen, although it’s unclear who will be playing the straight person in the act. Fingers crossed that Buss and Mohr, who announced their engagement late last year, show up in those pre-muscled Incredibles costumes. At the time of this writing, no official announcement on whether they’ll be joined by a tween in a hazmat suit. 

If nothing else, this latest Buss family development just handed producers an intriguing storyline for Season Three of Winning Time

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