Eminent Jon Lovitz Instagram Influencer Finds Holy Grail of Nostalgia Pics

Jon Lovitz and Tony Danza adorned in throwback Dodgers uniforms is perfect 1993
Eminent Jon Lovitz Instagram Influencer Finds Holy Grail of Nostalgia Pics

Screenwriter and social media nostalgia archivist Reggie Keyohara III, like many L.A.-based Instagram users with impressive followings, loves posting pictures of glamorously garbed celebrities from bygone eras — Keyohara was even featured in a recent Wall Street Journal article about the recent resurgence in the popularity of red-carpet fashion from the pre-internet era, a trend for which Keyohara is at the forefront.

But there are two things Keyohara loves more than Patrick Swayze’s inexplicable facial hair at the 1995 Golden Globes, and that's pictures of Jon Lovitz and pictures of Tony Danza. Keyohara’s following expects each of his posts to end with a photo of either of the two 1980s TV comedy icons — it’s a bit of a meme for the TV nostalgia community.

Well, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ 1993 Hollywood Stars Night gave Keyohara and his fans everything they’d ever wanted with a joint picture of Lovitz and Danza dressed in delightfully retro Dodgers uniforms. If Lovitz and Danza were joined by Meat Loaf and an animatronic from Jurassic Park, then this would be the ultimate 1993 nostalgia bomb.

The only thing that would make this post better for both us and Lovitz is if someone photoshopped in Andy Dick getting conked in the head by a foul ball.

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