Colin Farrell Thought ‘Saturday Night Live’ Oscars Sketch Was Shite

‘SNL’ thinks people from other cultures sure talk funny
Colin Farrell Thought ‘Saturday Night Live’ Oscars Sketch Was Shite

When you’re at a loss for Oscar jokes, do what Jimmy Kimmel does: A little crowd work. He ventured into the audience last night during the Academy Awards, peppering the stars with fan questions. Kimmel found Banshees of Inisherin star Colin Farell sitting on the aisle and relayed a question from “Joey from Las Vegas.” 

Here’s Joey in a nutshell: “Colin, I loved your performance. My question: What the heck were you saying in the movie?” 

Farrell’s response: “I’d like him to go on YouTube and check out SNL last night and he’ll have a good idea.” We’ll go ahead and save you the YouTube search: 

Mikey Day plays Farrell here, with Molly Kearney imitating his fellow Oscar nominee Brendan Gleeson. The joke: The Irish actors’ brogue accents are so thick that no one can understand a single word. Just in case Farrell wasn’t properly insulted yet, SNL’s Oscar red-carpet host followed up with: “Wow! And they haven’t even started drinking yet!” (Farrell swore off alcohol in 2006, then checked into a rehab facility in 2018 as a “pre-emptive measure.” Ha ha ha!)

Fans on Twitter piled on, praising Farrell for calling out SNL in response to Kimmel’s “lazy, stupid question”:

Kimmel fared a little better when he brought out Jenny, the miniature donkey who was robbed (robbed, we say!) of a nomination of her own for Banshees

Farrell and Gleeson seemed genuinely delighted to wave and blow kisses to their co-star – OR WAS IT? Vulture is reporting that “Jenny” wasn't the actual star at all but “just a random donkey,” proving once and for all that nothing is sacred. Authentic or not, of the two asses on stage, the Banshees of Inisherin stars clearly preferred the four-legged one.

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