The First Monster Series Jenna Ortega Starred in Was Rob Schneider’s Sitcom

The First Monster Series Jenna Ortega Starred in Was Rob Schneider’s Sitcom

Jenna Ortega is seemingly everywhere these days, starring in the new Scream movie, hosting Saturday Night Live and trapped in an eternal dancing loop to The Cramps in roughly a billion GIFs. Oh, and starring in existentially confounding Korean sneaker commercials.

But of course, Ortega has been a working actor for some time and first got her start in the business thanks to a famous ghoul who is in no way related to the Addams family. Back before Wednesday, and even before the time she took a bold stance against anthropomorphic food gunk…

…Ortega was just a young girl with a dream of becoming an actor. She got her big break after filming herself reading a monologue and uploading the video to Facebook. Amazingly, the video was seen by a casting director, and “within a year, Ortega had booked her first TV role.” The show? Rob, the short-lived Rob Schneider sitcom in which the former Saturday Night Live star marries a much younger woman and is weirded out by the fact that her family is *gasp* Mexican.

Seemingly the plot was inspired by Schneider’s real-life marriage to a woman who is similarly from Mexico but even younger than her fictional counterpart. In any case, Ortega appeared in the sixth episode of the series, “The Baby Bug,” in which Schneider is given a baby doll in an effort to convince him to change his mind about parenthood. Ortega’s character ends up getting in a physical altercation with Schneider over the doll, and let’s just say that the “procreation” option may be off the table after she gets through with him.

Yes, one of today’s most talented young stars made her TV debut by living out the dream of kicking the star of Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo in the junk, which we feel, despite her being only 20 years old, should immediately qualify her for a lifetime achievement award.

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