Ice-T Reveals the Off-Color Jokes He Shared with Richard Belzer

The Odd Couple of crime drama bonded over comedy
Ice-T Reveals the Off-Color Jokes He Shared with Richard Belzer

Back around 1986, when Ice-T was releasing “6 in the Mornin’” and Richard Belzer was dishing up stoner barbs at The Tommy Chong Roast, no one would have had “Ice-T/Belzer” on their iconic TV duo bingo cards. And yet, the two men bonded almost instantly on the set of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. It’s probably no surprise that jokes paved the way.

When Ice-T arrived on SVU, he clicked with Belzer almost immediately, he told Jimmy Fallon last night on The Tonight Show. He explained it was hard to talk about the sad death of one of his best friends without being funny and Fallon agreed: “Belzer was one of the funniest people on earth.” 

“Belzer got me real quick,” said the SVU star. “He says, ‘Ice-T, you’re going to be my partner. You know what I look for in a script?’” 

“I’m like, what?”

“Days off.”

And the two were off. Both guys were entertainers, and Belzer instantly knew what they both had in common: “We don’t like working late, and we don’t like working much. Me and you will be great partners.”

Ice-T fired back with jokes of his own: “Well, Belzer, you’re Jewish, and I’m Black. So if the Klan come, I just gotta outrun you.”

While Belzer has been gone from SVU for a few seasons, the show demonstrates no sign of stopping. With more than 500 episodes, Fallon points out, Law and Order is the longest-running drama on TV. Ice-T originally only signed on for four episodes, but he fell in love with the show’s ensemble and set up permanent camp. And there’s no doubt the legendary rapper will be back for Season 25. 

“Imma going to stay on until the wheels fall off,” he told Fallon. “Black people don’t jump off boats, especially when they’re still floating, you understand? We ain’t leaving.”

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