Bert Kreischer’s Kid Turned Down 10K to Be the Butt of One of His Jokes

Bert Kreischer’s Kid Turned Down 10K to Be the Butt of One of His Jokes

Some parents pay their kids 20 bucks a week to take out the trash and wash the dishes — Bert Kreischer’s children turn down 10 grand to get roasted on Netflix. 

In recent years, Kreischer’s comedy has turned its focus from Russian mobsters and drinking binges to domesticity and his daughters’ digs at their doofy dad. Kreischer’s upcoming Netflix special, Razzle Dazzle, is set to premiere on March 14th, and the frequent collaborator of both Joe Rogan and Tom Segura recently talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the fine line he walks as both a shirtless comedian and a shirtless father.

Kreischer revealed that he offered his 15-year-old daughter Ila $10,000 to allow him to make a certain joke at her expense in the special, but she wouldn’t budge. Smart move — everyone in Hollywood knows you hold out for points on the back end.

Kreischer called the conversations with his family about the content of his special “f—ing awkward,” saying of his youngest daughter, “Ila Grace has become hyper-aware of making sure she’s represented the way she wants to be represented. I made that kid famous by accident. I didn’t think it through, and so she definitely had final edit of that special and the jokes.”

The family reached an agreement — Kreischer would try out any jokes about them in un-filmed sets, then, if the jokes did well enough to warrant inclusion on the special, he would bring them to whichever family member was the butt of the joke for final cut privileges. Ila was uncharacteristically gracious for a 15-year-old about being publicly embarrassed by her dad, who said, “She only took out one. And with that one, she went, ‘That’s a secret.’”

“Some of the funniest things she’s ever said, about her growing up, she was cool enough to let me talk about,” Kreischer continued. “Like, her period. But there were other parts of her growing up that she wasn’t comfortable with and she’d say to me, ‘This doesn’t go on stage,’” specifically one joke that Kreischer called “the funniest thing anyone’s ever said in the fucking world.” 

“There was a joke in the special that I pulled out that I offered her $10,000 for,” Kreischer explained. “I was like, ‘I’ll give you $10,000. It’s so funny, baby.’ And she goes, ‘Nah, I don’t like it.’” 

The parties ultimately couldn’t come to an agreement on the funniest joke that Kreischer can never tell on camera, but he has to respect his daughter’s integrity — if Netflix said that he had to be fully clothed to film his next special, his answer would have been the same as Ila’s.

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