The Best New Running Joke of 2023 Is a Character with a 3D Printing Ass

The Best New Running Joke of 2023 Is a Character with a 3D Printing Ass

The writers of superhero films, TV shows and comic books are constantly accused of laziness when they pull a tired plot device out of their asses, but what if that was a superpower?

The U.K. superhero series Extraordinary took the “Superheroes but in real life” premise that other properties like The Boys have already tackled and spun it with a completely different angle. In Extraordinary, everyone has a superpower à la Syndrome’s evil plan in The Incredibles and, just as he predicted, when everyone is super, no one is. Instead of an action series filled with migraine-inducing CGI battles, Extraordinary is a character-focused comedy centered around Jen, an insecure twenty-something without a superpower who tries to find her place in a world full of people who seem to have their lives — and their powers — already figured out.

In the show, individuals don’t choose when they realize their power, nor do they choose the power they pick, but the character Randall would still choose a magic ass that can shit out any object “so long as it’s aerodynamic” 10 times out of 10.

Extraordinary takes place in an alternate version of 2023 London where superpowers are usually just party tricks for those who wield them, and even people with universe-bending talents are forced to endure the mundanity of modern life. Jen’s roommate Kash has the power to rewind time by 10 seconds, yet he spends his time daydreaming, eating junk food and avoiding the inevitable moment when his girlfriend forces him to find a proper job.

When Kash starts a vigilante group in hopes of one day becoming a “proper” superhero, the plain-faced, monotone Randall attends an audition and earns his spot on the team by shitting out a mini toy soldier. Despite his apparent interest in crime fighting, Randall and his super butt don’t do much ass-kicking in Extraordinary. The limits on Randall’s powers are not clearly defined beyond the stipulation that “bigger things take longer” — a rule for normal poopers as well — but the sedate sidekick doesn’t feel motivated to do much more with his power than crap out free cans of his favorite semi-legal energy drink. 

Here in the real world, anyone who wants to try an energy drink that tastes like it came out of someone’s ass will have to go out and buy a can of Rockstar.

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