Here's Why Every Single Superhero Power Would Ruin Your Life

Here's Why Every Single Superhero Power Would Ruin Your Life

We've all fantasized about what it would be like to possess the power of our favorite superhero, and Hollywood's unwritten rule that every new movie must now contain at least one character with superpowers is helping to ensure the superpowered daydreams of a whole new generation. But since we here at Cracked love nothing more than to curb-stomp your childhood fantasies, we're about to show you how having your favorite superpower would likely have pretty awful -- if not completely disastrous -- results.

LASER VISI N WOULD CAUSE UNTOLD DESTRUCTION. Do you know what microsaccades are? They're tiny, involuntary motions of your eyeballs that prevent you f

SUPER CRAGKEDCON STRENGTH WOULD MAKE YoU YOUR FRIENDS' GO-TO HEAVY LiFTER. Let's be real: If you suddenly became super strong, you wouldn't do anythin

CRACKEDC COM iMMORTALiTY WOULD LEAVE yYOU ALONE iN AN EMPTY UNIVERSE. The main drawback of having all of eternity to live is that you have all of eter

STOPPING TIME WOULD JUST GET BORiNG. Whether you effectively stop time or just move SO fast that physics is on pause for you, you have the same proble

OUS FORCE FIELDS WOULD STiLL GET YoU KiLLED. About to get hit by a car? Just create a force field! Falling from a building? Force field time! Except t

TELEPORTATON WOULD SERIOUSLY MANGLE YOU. Have you ever stubbed a toe or bumped into something? Of course you have. These tiny everyday mishaps become

SUPER SPEED WOULD BURN YOU TO A CRISP. Whoa, speedster! You're on fire! No, We mean it, you're literally on fire. That's what rubbing at high speed ag

CRACKED COM LiGHTNING WOULD BE AS SHOCKING TO YoU AS TO YOUR TARGET. Do you know what happens when a toad is struck by lightning mere feet from you? P

SUPER SENSES WOULD OVERWHELM you. So you can hear crime happening 10 miles away? Good luck filtering out the thousands of TV sets within that distance

iNVISiBiliTY wouLd MAKE you BLiND. In order to see, you need visible light to reflect from objects onto your retinas. Guess what: If light is passing

A HEALING FACTOR WOULD CAUSE YoU MENTAL TRAUMA. Sure, you can walk away from accidents that would kill anyone else. At the cost of your mental well-be

FLIGHT FLIGHT LICENSE WOULD BE A 01/12/2016 01/12/209 BUREAUCRATIC NiGHTMARE. You don't think you'd just be able to do anything you want up in the sky
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