The Secret to a Happy Relationship Is Putting Your Phone Away

You’re pretty much phubbed otherwise
The Secret to a Happy Relationship Is Putting Your Phone Away

If you’re living that phubbing life — i.e., when your smartphone/screen takes precedence over the person you share a bed with — one thing is definitely certain: You probably spend a lot of time phubbing yourself. 

Case in point: Researchers recently surveyed 308 men and women about their relationship satisfaction, perceived relationship quality and how much their partner phubbed. They found that the more phubbing a person was exposed to, the more they classified their relationships as low quality and the less satisfied they were with them. 

“The phenomenon of phubbing, which hits individuals’ social interactions, is an important risk factor for romantic relationships. In other words, partners’ being too busy with their smartphones during their romantic relationships harms relationship satisfaction and perceived romantic relationship quality,” the researchers concluded. “For this reason, it is very important to raise awareness of couples about the use of smartphones during their romantic relationships.”

Ah, modern romance — it’s not a bouquet of roses or a box of chocolates, it’s a smartphone that never leaves your pocket.

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