Joan Rivers’ Venomous Hatred for Princess Diana Is Going Viral on TikTok

Joan Rivers’ Venomous Hatred for Princess Diana Is Going Viral on TikTok

Why was Joan Rivers still throwing haymakers at Princess Diana at a 2013 Just For Laughs gala, more than 15 years after the royal’s tragic death? Maybe there doesn’t have to be a reason other than the one Rivers provides in a viral TikTok clip: “I hated her.”


“Watch the gay men get quiet,” Rivers begins after expressing her distaste for the Princess of Wales. Two things that her queer audience can’t stand, per the comic? Saying Barbra Streisand is ugly and hating on Princess Diana.

But Rivers argues that she has good reason for her disdain: “Because she didn’t know when the good times were with her.” The comic calls Princess Diana “stupid” for not reveling in her fortunate status. “‘I’m not happy,’” mocks Rivers, sticking out her tongue for emphasis. “I’m not happy. I’m not happy.”

And what exactly are “good times”? It’s pretty easy to get a handle on Rivers’ value system, according to what she believed should have delighted Diana: “She was tall, she was thin, she was gorgeous, she was young, she was rich, she had a husband who didn’t want to sleep with her.” In other words, Diana was everything Joan Rivers was not.

“She had a crown!” Rivers exclaims, repeating it for emphasis. Crowns are great for class reunions, she jokes, the perfect accessory for sticking it in the face of every sophomore who didn’t vote for you for student council.

In just four days, Newsweek points out, the TikTok has touched a nerve with more than 90,000 likes while closing in on a million views. We’re not sure how many viewers agree with the comic, but at least the original poster does, tagging the video with the hashtag #joanriverswasright.

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