KFC Is Selling Weird Princess Diana-Themed 'Spencer' Tie-In Merch

KFC Is Selling Weird Princess Diana-Themed 'Spencer' Tie-In Merch

Pop-culture history is chock-full of examples of bizarre movie tie-ins from fast-food chains; there was Burger King’s disquietingly jet black Darth Vader burger, Denny’s culinary tribute to the literary works of J.R.R. Tolkien, and of course 7 Eleven’s partnership with Sherlock Holmes, despite the fact that the great detective would assuredly use the power of deduction to avoid their Sausage, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches at all costs. But now we may have just gotten the oddest example of this trend, thanks to KFC …

We’ve mentioned before that KFC once teamed up with the James Bond franchise to sell the world’s most hideous neckties; well, now the fried chicken brand is offering a product inspired by Spencer, the recently-released arthouse drama starring Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana.

Diana takes her children to a Kentucky Fried Chicken at one point in the movie, presumably because eating at Burger King or Dairy Queen would have just reminded Diana of her crappy in-laws. Amazingly, this King Ralph-esque scenario isn’t entirely an invention of the film, although, in real life, Diana took her kids to McDonald’snot KFC. Sadly Mac Tonight never received a Knighthood as a result.

To capitalize on their historically-inaccurate presence in the acclaimed new movie, KFC is selling a replica of one of Diana’s famous sweaters -- but instead of being decorated with a pattern of sheep, it has chickens on it. Sure it’s slightly more tasteful than if KFC, say, seared Diana’s face onto either side of the Double Down sandwich, but it’s still pretty goddamn weird.


If you want a more authentic version of the sweater that A) doesn’t smell like chicken grease and B) won’t fill you with shame and self-loathing every time someone says: “Hey, where’d you get that sweater?” The original designers of the piece have made the knitting pattern available online, and it can be yours in exchange for a donation to Doctors Without Borders.

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