‘There’s No Money in the Banana Stand’: Say Goodbye to ‘Arrested Development’ on Netflix

The Bluth Family is losing their home — again
‘There’s No Money in the Banana Stand’: Say Goodbye to ‘Arrested Development’ on Netflix

Despite never having done business with Saddam Hussein, Netflix appears to be doing everything within its power to become the streaming platform equivalent to the Bluth Company in terms of sheer mismanagement.

Just weeks after it announced a controversial password-sharing crackdown, the once-great streaming giant has apparently not had their fill of making massively unpopular changes — earlier today, Netflix has revealed that it’s dropping Arrested Development from its streaming library effective March 14th. Netflix’s acquisition of the cult classic back in 2011 marked a momentous turning point in the company’s history when its then-fledgling production wing took on the project of reviving a beloved and unconscionably canceled comedy series with the show’s fourth season.

Then Netflix actually made Season Four and fans wished that the company would never touch Arrested Development again. Today, Netflix obliged.

The announcement by Netflix to drop Arrested Development is just the latest installment in an exhausting history of one of TV’s finest comedies being completely mismanaged by the platforms that support it. Fox famously fumbled the show’s first run, eventually canceling the comedy after an underfunded but expertly written third season in 2006. Five years later, the then-great streaming giant Netflix appeared as an angel from heaven to rescue Mitchell Hurwitz’ precocious series that was struck down before its time.

Many reasons have been given for the steep drop in quality for Netflix’s two-season attempt at recapturing magic of the show’s original run — a lengthy production process and conflicting schedules were both blamed for a final product that was decidedly less than the sum of its parts. Netflix re-canceled the series following its fifth season, choosing to end the show with a bizarre, completely uncalled-for and unfunny story arc in which — spoiler alert — it is revealed that Buster murdered Lucille 2, ending with his line, “Doesn’t she remind you of mom?” Har har.

Netflix now prepares to say goodbye to a piece of company history that perfectly encapsulates its rise and fall in public perception — once beloved and now bloated and unlikable, the platform and the series will part ways for good next month. Arrested Development fans, don’t fret — the show will still be available on Hulu. Netflix has made a huge mistake.

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