Price Drop: This Fast Wireless iPhone Charger Is An Extra $10 Off Now

Price Drop: This Fast Wireless iPhone Charger Is An Extra $10 Off Now

These days, we’re all about instant gratification — from our social media memes to our drive-thru fast food. You got places to be, and things to do, who has time to wait around? Well, if you can’t wait 15 minutes for a cheeseburger, you sure as heck can’t deal with waiting for a low battery on your iPhone to power back up. Give yourself a break with the Speedy Mag Wireless Charger for iPhone, now on sale for a specially reduced price.

The Speedy Mag is a sleek, modern charger that connects magnetically to iPhone 12 or newer. With a built-in magnet and metal plate, it sticks securely to your phone, allowing you to dispense power directly to your phone whenever you need it — wirelessly. Just place it on the back of your iPhone and you’ll get a high-speed power boost that lasts throughout your day so you never have to worry about a low-battery message.

The Speedy Mag has built-in safeguards against overcharging so you don’t have to constantly monitor your battery level and detach when you get to full battery. It will handle that for you automatically. The charger is optimized for Apple devices to charge them as fast as possible, and then shut off, without the need of a cable.

There’s nothing worse than having a dead battery when you need to use your phone. Avoid the low-battery headache and slight meltdown and give your iPhone wireless power anywhere you need it. For a limited time, you can get the Speedy Mag Wireless Charger for iPhone for 66 percent off $119 at just $39.99. That's an extra $10 off our usual sale price.

Prices subject to change.

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