Trevor Noah and James Corden Call Themselves the ‘Bad Boys of Late Night’

Trevor Noah and James Corden Call Themselves the ‘Bad Boys of Late Night’

The only people happier than James Corden about his imminent departure from The Late Late Show is everyone else. But the “Bad Boy” of late-night still has to showboat a bit on his way out.

Last night on The Late Late Show, Corden performed a segment called “Side Effects May Include…” in which the controversial host invited another late-night deserter for a thinly-veiled humble brag session — The Daily Show’s former first chair Trevor Noah joined Corden for a casual game of “Who hates hosting late-night the most?” which culminated in Corden and Noah both boasting that they are the “Bad Boys of Late-Night” simply because they decided to quit their jobs.

Someone should tell Corden that being an asshole isn’t the same thing as being a “bad boy.”

Noah has made no secret of the fact that he didn’t care for the demanding work schedule of The Daily Show and feels much more free to pursue his own interests now that he no longer has to pretend to be interested in politics four nights a week. The South African comedian will host the 65th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony this Sunday, a role he’s filled twice already — Corden has also hosted the event twice, a point he repeated in the segment.

With Corden set to abandon his post in April, he and Noah celebrated the simple joys of not having to read or watch every stupid celebrity’s stupid book or TV show — including each others’. Corden and Noah anointed themselves the “Bad Boys of Late-Night” for doing something that every late-night legend has done on every late-night show with the exception of Conan O’Brien and The Tonight Show — according to the duo, “Tearing up your contract and leaving your show” is a side effect of being a “bad boy,” and not just the natural progression that every late-night host has followed since Johnny Carson handed his keys to Jay Leno.

One of the other side effects of being a “Bad Boy of Late-Night” that Corden neglected to mention is relegating yourself to only ever ordering takeout.

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