Pamela Anderson Is Now Defending Tim Allen’s Rationale Behind Allegedly Flashing Her

Anderson says Allen was just kidding around when he bared his junk to a coworker on her first day
Pamela Anderson Is Now Defending Tim Allen’s Rationale Behind Allegedly Flashing Her

Barely a week after Pamela Anderson accused her former Home Improvement co-star Tim Allen of flashing her behind the scenes of the family sitcom and using a dumb joke to justify the indecent exposure, Anderson has clarified that she actually found the joke kinda funny. 

The story Anderson told in her memoir, Love, Pamela, which is set to hit shelves tomorrow morning, involves Allen opening his robe to expose himself to her during her first day on Home Improvement before he joked, “It was only fair, because he had seen me naked.” While Allen and his representatives have roundly decried the anecdote as being a complete fabrication, his accuser has now jumped to his defense by telling Variety that, as a comedian, “It’s (Allen’s) job to cross the line.”

Somehow, the headline of “Tim Allen Professionally Crossed the Line With His Penis” didn’t seem publishable.

“I’m not a very judgmental person,” Anderson clarified in a text to a Variety reporter after the anecdote of the Home Improvement penis exposure went viral. “I’m sure he had no bad intentions. Times have changed, though. I doubt anyone would try that post #MeToo. It’s a new world.”

In her original story, Anderson said that she “laughed uncomfortably” after Allen allegedly exposed himself in front of her, and the follow-up text helps to elucidate her feeling that the flashing was a joke gone awkwardly wrong. Allen, on the other hand, still maintains that the incident never happened in the first place and that he “would never do such a thing.”

While it would be wise of Allen to accept Anderson’s “joke” defense, don’t expect Allen to come out and say, “Plenty of women have laughed when they’ve seen my penis.”

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