The 10 ‘Horniest’ Celebrities, Ranked

Jimmy Kimmel and his clarinet vs. Jonathan Frakes and his trombone. You decide
The 10 ‘Horniest’ Celebrities, Ranked

Look, when you get a late-night talk show that makes it to the twenty-year mark, you can indulge your horny high school marching band dreams too. That’s what Jimmy Kimmel did last night on his “Yay, me!” spectacular, inviting Coldplay to recreate the song they performed on the first ever Jimmy Kimmel Live! -- but with a twist. At the song’s end, Jimmy jumped on stage with his souped-up clarinet and 'played' alongside Chris Martin and the gang. 

Kimmel kept it simple, repeating the same three notes over and over lest his squeaky reed screw up a magical night. It was a performance that earned Jimmy a spot on our list of the 10 horniest celebrities.

Jimmy Kimmel and his clarinet

Kimmel might be the worst musician on this list, but give him credit for trotting out his licorice stick on the regular, public embarrassment be damned. Here’s Kimmel jamming with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones in a dad-band performance for the ages.

Jerry Lewis and his trumpet

Jerry Lewis was a lot of things -- a self-infantilized comic, a misogynist, a problematic fund-raiser, and an unreleased concentration-camp clown. But give the guy credit--despite his goofing around with Buddy Hackett here, he was actually a talented musician who also tickled the ivories in a better-than-average fashion.

David Harbour and his trombone

Stranger Things’ Harbour agreed to pose in a high school senior’s yearbook pictures on two conditions: She got 25,000 retweets and he could pose with his axe of choice: A trombone. 

Tina Fey and her flute

Fey has gotten comedic mileage out of her woodwind prowess, from “the talent portion” of Sarah Palin’s vice-presidential debate …

Broadway Video

The real Palin's first runner-up status in the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant kept her off this list. 

To whistling up a trill for American Express.

Drew Carey and his trumpet

“I play accordion, but not well,” says Carey. “I also play trumpet, but not well.” The Horn Dogs beg to differ!

Jonathan Frakes and his trombone

Of all the things we could imagine about life on a starship exploring the Alpha quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy, trombone seduction was not one of them.

Ewan MacGregor and his French horn

The clip says more than we ever could.

Eva Longoria and her clarinet

Longoria and Kimmel battled it out with their clarinets one night, but you can’t really call this a competition. The Desperate Housewife mopped the floor with the off-key talk show host. 

Tom Wilson and his sousaphone

Biff from Back to the Future is indisputably the horniest celeb on this list, not only having the ability to play the tuba but incorporating it into his act to devastating comic effect. It’s all about that bass. 

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