Real Gamers Use Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Real Gamers Use Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Once upon a time, growing up meant leaving childish things behind. Then, gaming became a thing, and now growing up means learning how to monetize childish things or using them as a stress outlet to make you a more productive laborer for The System. It also means you care more about things like good deals.

So, if you’re a gamer and an adult, you’re going to love this special little deal we’ve drummed up on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate — for your first month, you can get it for 33 percent off.

Xbox Game Pass gives you all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold — like the most advanced online console multiplayer network filled with millions of gamers, plus free games every month, and up to 50 percent off in the Xbox Store — plus a lot more. Game Pass Ultimate gives you access to more than 100 high-quality multiplayer games for console, PC, phones and tablets for one monthly price — with new games added all the time.

You’ll also get EA Play membership for no additional cost, giving you access to EA’s most-loved series and titles, exclusive in-game challenges and rewards, special member-only content and trails of select games for up to 10 hours. You’ll be able to play Xbox Game Studios titles the day they release and gain access to tons of exclusive discounts, deals and perks like in-game content and partner offers, too. You could even be eligible to be part of the Xbox Cloud Gaming beta, depending on where you live.

If you’re gaming without Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, are you really gaming at all? It’s a very important question to ask yourself. Because right now, you can be a fiscally responsible adult when you pick up the first month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 33 percent off $14 at just $9.99.

Prices subject to change.

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