How Will the New ‘Night Court’ Address That the Old ‘Night Court’ Concluded with an Alien Abduction?

And you thought the ‘Lost’ finale was messed up
How Will the New ‘Night Court’ Address That the Old ‘Night Court’ Concluded with an Alien Abduction?

Because the entertainment industry is seemingly now fueled by the false promise that time has no meaning and we can all live in a state of perpetual youth where no one is subject to the harsh ravages of time, were soon getting a whole bunch more reboots of old TV shows — there's That '90s Show, an in-name-only Frasier series and, for some reason, this week sees the premiere of a new version of Night Court. Because if there's one thing the kids these days are clamoring for, itNight Court.

Look, putting aside the fact that it was a comedy about one citys nocturnal war on small-time drug dealers and sex workers who are just trying to make a living during the cruel economy of the 1980s, Night Court was a lot of fun. But it still seems like an odd property to circle back to in the year 2023.

Weirdest of all, does anyone remember that aliens canonically exist in the world of Night Court? This isnt some obscure Easter egg known only to devoted fans; its literally how the series finale concluded. In the last episode, Bull the bailiff is convinced hes being followed by aliens who look like two little old men. They later confirm that they are, indeed, from Jupiter and decide to beam Bull back to their mothership. Then the credits rolled.

So is this going to be a part of the new Night Court? Will anyone at least mention the fact that one of the guys who used to work in that same court mysteriously disappeared 30 years ago, never to be seen again? Will his grief-stricken wife ever appear in an episode to lament this tragic turn of events, which no doubt ruined her life? 

Probably not. But if Night Court 2.0 goes on long enough, they, too, may run out of ideas and might be relegated to throwing in some random extraterrestrial human traffickers.

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