'That '90s Show' Is Coming To Remind Us Time Is Undefeated

Just like the heat death of the universe, 'That 90s Show' is what awaits us all in the end.
'That '90s Show' Is Coming To Remind Us Time Is Undefeated

That '90s Show is coming because the world ended in 2012, and we just haven't caught up yet. Just like My Little Ponies, He-Man, and all of your parents' favorites that were brought back, That '90s Show is coming to remind you that the things you loved as children will be rebranded forever, and the things you think of as just shows you like are actually classic television. If My Chemical Romance being declared dad rock didn't do it for you, the fact that Eric and Donna's child is coming to your screens in a reboot of a show about '70s nostalgia rebranded as '90s nostalgia that is now further away from the decade it's homaging than the original That '70s Show was from its decade (26 years to the original show's 20-ish) should be enough to remind you that everything you love will fade.

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But television is forever.

The show, about Eric and Donna's kid going to stay with Red and Kitty for the Summer, is coming to Paramount+ and will undoubtedly feature Kurtwood Smith's Red Foreman talking about foots in asses a bunch, along with making dated references to Y2K, the Star Wars prequels, and whatever else was hip in the 90s.

With this show, Paramount+ cements itself as the streaming channel of the 2000s show reboot, featuring iCarly 2.0FrasierBeavis and Butt-headReno 911!Rugrats, and all those other shows that were on before you had to start worrying about balding and menopause. Don't worry, everything you loved has aged with you, and it's just like new, right? Right?

That '90s Show is coming to remind you that while everyone hates a reunion episode, if you stretch it out to a season, everyone will watch, despite it being no good for anyone, except people who like to be sad. The only positive: At least it can't be worst than That '80s Show …

… which you just remembered existing. (Yes, that's Dennis from It's Always Sunny.)

Tara Marie writes words at places like here, Panel X Panel, and the Hard Times. She's also done words at a comic in Trailer Park Boys: Bagged and Boarded. She was born in the 90s. She's reachable @TaraMarieWords but give her a minute; this show has hit her pretty hard.

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