Pick Up the Piano With More Than $100 Off These Top-rated Lessons Today

Sing us a song because you’re about to become the Piano Man
Pick Up the Piano With More Than $100 Off These Top-rated Lessons Today

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Think of the best version of you. A 100 percent authentic you. A supercharged you. Now, no matter where your tastes, dreams and aspirations lie, we can guarantee one thing: That supercharged you can play the piano like a boss. All the most talented people do — which is probably also why almost half of Americans want to learn to play the piano. You can make it happen by learning in your own time, from home, with Skoove Premium Piano Lessons, and right now, you can grab a lifetime subscription on sale for just $119.99 — that’s less than half the regular price of $299, with no coupon needed.

Skoove gives you interactive lessons to teach you to play your favorite music, and makes it easy to practice notes, chords and techniques. The app is not only trusted by over a million users around the world, it’s also been featured in Forbes, The Guardian, Wired and more. 

Why has it earned such a cult status? Skoove is smart. Like, seriously smart. The app uses cutting edge A.I. to listen and recognize the notes that you play, learning what you need to work on to improve and giving you tailored next lessons accordingly. It’s like having your very own piano teacher — except, you’ll never have to pay by the hour again and you don’t have to visit a little old lady’s living room.

Over 400 videos will teach you exactly what you need to know so that you’ll be equipped to play by ear, while you’ll learn from music you actually love — think: chart hits from Coldplay, John Legend and Adele, and classical pieces by Bach, Debussy and Mozart. 

Skoove also comes extremely highly rated from users, with an impressive 4.5 out of 5 star rating on the Apple App Store and 4.4 out of 5 stars on Google Play. 

Get this Skoove Premium Piano Lessons: Lifetime Subscription on sale with 89 percent off now, for $119.99 (reg. $299). 

Prices subject to change.

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