The 20 Best Comedies New to Streaming in January

Happy new y— wait, shut up, the TV’s on
The 20 Best Comedies New to Streaming in January

It's a brand new year, which means that in addition to immediately breaking all of your resolutions within like a day or so, theres a slew of new stuff on streaming services. So why not laugh your hangover away (stranger things have happened) with some great comedies, like…

Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II (HBO Max)

Unless youre a floating green blob who hates laughter, theres a good chance that you already love Ghostbusters. And, of course, theres also the sequel, Ghostbusters II, for audiences who thought the original had a glaring lack of babies and art conservation.

Back to School (HBO Max)

Rodney Dangerfield heads to college in what is arguably his best movie (sorry, Meet Wally Sparks). Any comedy featuring a supporting cast of Sam Kinison, Robert Downey Jr. and Kurt Vonnegut cant be bad.

Bulletproof (Peacock)

Adam Sandler, the action movie star never really happened, but he co-starred in the underrated 1996 buddy cop movie Bulletproof along with Damon Wayans. Sure, its just a thinly-veiled remake of Midnight Run, but its, as far as we know, the only movie where a gun-toting Sandler battles James Caan. Speaking of Midnight Run

Midnight Run (Peacock)

Weve written before about the comic genius of Charles Grodin, and that was never more apparent than in the great Robert De Niro action-comedy about a mob accountant being escorted across the country by a gruff bail bondsman.

Barbershop (Paramount+)

The original 2002 comedy stars Ice Cube as the owner of a financially-doomed barbershop. Theres also Cedric the Entertainer as the troublesome, older Eddie, whose dialogue concerning Civil Rights icons such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. sparked a major controversy when it first came out.

The Cabin in the Woods (HBO Max)

More than a decade after its release, Drew GoddardThe Cabin in the Woods still holds up as a sharp sci-fi deconstruction of familiar horror tropes and a tongue-in-cheek examination of why were so drawn to witnessing fictional acts of human suffering. Plus, Thors in it. 

The ‘Burbs (Netflix)

Directed by Gremlins Joe Dante, The Burbs is a slapstick farce about suburban paranoia starring Tom Hanks and Carrie Fisher. Sadly, the Satanic Panic themes are as relevant today as ever before — less sadly, its still a ton of fun. 

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (Netflix)

A Torontonian slacker is forced to fight his new girlfriends evil exes in Edgar Wrights beloved adaptation of Bryan Lee OMalleys series of graphic novels. This movie gets a lot of love for its inventive visuals, but its also basically a musical, with catchy tunes provided by acts like Beck and Broken Social Scene.

A League of Their Own (Hulu)

The original Geena Davis-starring A League of Their Own is one of the greatest baseball movies ever and was recently remade as an Amazon streaming series. Speaking of streaming, this movie arguably marks the high point of the Tom Hanks Has to Pee Cinematic Universe.

subtitle]Twins (Netflix)

Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger made movie magic with Twins — before making whatever the opposite of movie magic is with Junior

The Naked Gun (Paramount+)

Simply one of the funniest movies ever made, The Naked Gun is still hilarious — and watching it now also serves as a touching tribute to the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

The King of Comedy (Hulu)

The Jurassic Park to Jokers Carnosaur, Martin ScorseseThe King of Comedy is one of the best black comedies Hollywood has ever made. Come for Robert De Niros performance as obsessive stand-up Rupert Pupkin, and stay for Sandra Bernhard as his unhinged superfan accomplice.

MacGruber (Peacock)

The last SNL movie (until they inevitably write David S. Pumpkins into the next Knives Out sequel), MacGruber is also one of the best. What started out as a quick-burst MacGyver parody on TV was expanded into an over-the-top action-filled farce. Kudos to Val Kilmer for taking the ridiculously-named villain role and playing it so straight.

Bull Durham (Paramount+)

A sexy baseball movie starring Kevin Costner was like a friggin Avatar movie to audiences back in the 1980s. Also giving us great stuff from Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, Bull Durham is an iconic romantic comedy for a reason (and a key inspiration for Ted Lasso).

Sorry to Bother You (Prime)

The surreal masterpiece directed by Boots Riley is new to Amazon Prime, which is funny considering that much of the movie is about an Amazon-like company that (SPOILERS) literally wants to turn its workers into Island of Doctor Moreau-esque horse people. 

The Apartment (Paramount+)

Directed by the legendary Billy Wilder, The Apartment features Jack Lemmon as a sad-sack insurance clerk who lets his married boss use his bachelor pad to hook up with women that definitely arent his wife — one of whom happens to be the charming elevator operator Lemmons character has his eye on, played by Shirley MacLaine. Simply one of the finest movies of all time.

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