101 of the Year’s Funniest Tweets, TikToks and Memes

All of our favorite posts from 2022 on one giant list
101 of the Year’s Funniest Tweets, TikToks and Memes

This past year has been a tumultuous time for so much of the world, but for the terminally online shitposters who flood Twitter, TikTok and about 10,000 other platforms with the funniest and most chaotic memes, videos, jokes and roasts on the internet, 2022 has been an absolute goldmine.

From Corn Kid to West Elm Caleb to the Gentleminion Army, most of what went down on the internet in 2022 would be completely unexplainable to anyone who wasn't there to see it. Fortunately for those who may have missed out on the massive meme movements of the last 12 months, we've condensed a year of content down to 101 of our favorite posts. Here is the internet year in review…

West Elm Caleb Ghosted Half the Women in New York


Julia Fox Claimed Full Responsibility for ‘Uncuh Jahms’


17-Year-Olds in Suits Took Over Every Showing of ‘Rise Of Gru’


Corn Kid Cornered the Internet for Weeks


Elon Musk Bought Twitter and Immediately Set It on Fire

The Internet Will Never Stop Loving Animals

Relationship Drama Is Still Relatable

Families Continue to Be Weird

In Fact, Everyone Continues to Be Weird


Some of Us Are Seriously Insightful, Though

And Some of Us Just Cant Get Along

But All of Us Can Agree That We Have No Idea WTF Is Going on Here

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