Judd Apatow Sings Some Dad Karaoke With Dave Grohl For Hannukah

The lauded director belted a jazzy hit as part of Grohl's annual "Hanukkah Sessions"
Judd Apatow Sings Some Dad Karaoke With Dave Grohl For Hannukah

Many of us have had the uniquely embarrassing experience of watching our 55-year-old father step onstage and belt his favorite song into a karaoke mic during a holiday party, but Maude and Iris Apatow are likely the only ones among us who can say that they saw their dad sing his off-pitch heart out with a backing band of rock legend Dave Grohl and nine time Grammy-winning producer Greg Kurstin.

This past Sunday, Judd Apatow joined Kurstin and Grohl in a rendition of Blood, Sweat & Tears’ jazz rock hit “Spinning Wheel” as part of the musicians’ annual “Hanukkah Sessions” series in which the award-winning duo releases eight covers in eight nights of eight songs by underappreciated Jewish artists in celebration of the Festival of Lights. For some strange reason, Kurstin and Grohl chose lauded comedy director and decidedly amateur singer Apatow as the first of their eight guest performers.

Funny how Grohl and Kurstin didn’t think to invite another highly acclaimed Jewish comedian with actual music chops who is already universally regarded as the official songbird of Hanukkah.

“A little blood and plenty of schvitz went into this year’s Hanukkah Sessions,” reads the caption on the Foo Fighters’ official Twitter post for Apatow’s performance, “but the only tears you’ll be shedding will be tears of nachas when you hear @JuddApatow sing ‘Spinning Wheel’ by Blood, Sweat & (No) Tears!” 

Apatow’s stirring rendition kicked off Night One of the eight day release schedule – the lauded director’s charisma and commitment shined as he crooned and swooned his way through the jazzy classic. Apatow’s singing might not ever land a Grammy in his trophy case, but you can’t knock the sheer, shameless dad-like dedication it took for him to step onstage with two music legends and belt his favorite Jewish hit.

Last night’s release saw millennial icon P!nk perform her own hit song “Get the Party Started” with the duo, and the rest of the series will likely have more professional singers sending some holiday cheer to the Jewish music community.

Again, we have to ask – do Grohl and Kurstin not have Adam Sandler’s phone number? Give us The Sandman!

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