Aubrey Plaza Was 'Tripping Balls' When She And Meghann Fahy Got Lost In Italy

Plaza called out her co-star for leaving out a key detail in her 'Late Night' anecdote
Aubrey Plaza Was 'Tripping Balls' When She And Meghann Fahy Got Lost In Italy

With apologies to Stanley Tucci, there’s no one with whom we’d rather be lost in Italy than Aubrey Plaza – just don’t tell our parents.

After White Lotus star Meghann Fahy went on Late Night with Seth Meyers last week and told the story of how she and her castmate Plaza got lost on a hike in Sicily, Plaza herself went on the show to set the record straight and clarify a key detail that Fay omitted – when Plaza accosted a group of Italian motorcyclists on an Italian highway, both her and Fay were absolutely tripping balls on magic mushrooms.

Somehow, this was still Plaza’s tamest late night interview in a very long time.

As Fahy tells the story, she and Plaza were going on a hike that Fahy had made many times during the six months of filming in the idyllic Sicillian hamlet of Taormina. This day, however, the White Lotus star accidentally took her friend and castmate out on an unfamiliar path, and the two found themselves walking beside a highway in the middle of nowhere.

Fahy says that her and Plaza were approached by a group of Italian men on motorcycles who tried to chat with the television stars – in line with their characters in White Lotus, Fahy was happy to have the attention of some swarthy strangers, but Plaza shouted “Don’t look at me!” and scared off the would-be lotharios.

According to Meyers, Fahy’s parents were in the audience for her appearance on his show, which would logically explain why she left out a key detail for Plaza to include in her own interview. Said Plaza, “She left out the most important part, which is that we were on mushrooms,” explaining that her thorny reaction to the throng of motorcyclists was perfectly natural for someone balls deep in a psychedelic state. “I was tripping, it was terrifying! We were lost on a highway and there were Italian men going ‘Vroom, Vroom,’ coming at me – I thought they were taking me to the dark side,” Plaza expounded.

Plaza ended the story with an exasperated callout of her co-star whose story painted Plaza as an ornery tourist, saying of Fahy, “I was tripping balls, b—-!”

At this point, White Lotus creator Mike White may as well admit that he, too, was tripping sack when he greenlit that crazy freaking theme song – there’s no other logical explanation.

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