‘Every Time Elizabeth Olsen Meets Someone New, She Kicks Them in the Head with Her Feet Hands’: Aubrey Plaza Spills Tea on ‘Colbert’

The ‘Parks and Rec’ alum exposes the shocking truth about the MCU’s favorite witch on ‘The Late Show’
‘Every Time Elizabeth Olsen Meets Someone New, She Kicks Them in the Head with Her Feet Hands’: Aubrey Plaza Spills Tea on ‘Colbert’

Aubrey Plaza appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to talk about The White Lotus Season Two, which premieres this Sunday on HBO Max. In typical Plaza fashion, it didn’t take long for the interview to swerve into strange territory, first with a story about her blood feud with an Italian baker, then again with the recurring segment “Tea at the Plaza,” which Colbert breaks out whenever the Parks and Rec alumna graces his soundstage.

This teatime, Plaza spilled some juicy celebrity gossip, including an anecdote about how Plaza’s White Lotus castmate Jennifer Coolidge refuses to travel by any method besides dogsled, a salacious story about Joy Behar having sex with ghosts and the shocking revelation that her friend and Ingrid Goes West co-star Elizabeth Olsen “has hands instead of feet and feet instead of hands.” “Every time she meets someone, she kicks them in the face with her feet-hands,” Plaza explained. 

Now we understand why Scarlet Witch turned evil.

Plaza and Olsen first grew close during the filming of Ingrid Goes West, a black comedy about a mentally ill and social media-obsessed young woman, played by Plaza, who moves to L.A. in an effort to gain the friendship and trust of a glamorous influencer, Olsen’s character in the film. Despite a disappointing return at the box office, Ingrid Goes West received critical acclaim, and the experience drew Plaza and Olsen together in a friendship that’s lasted long past the film’s shelf life.

On the press tour for Ingrid, Olsen said of her friend and co-star, “I think I became obsessed with getting a reaction from Aubrey, of making her uncomfortable and, like, reversing the characters. And I would just send her photos and weird text messages. … It lasted for a while too after we wrapped. I’m obsessed with everything — I am! Look at her. She’s gorgeous, she’s talented, she’s going places.”

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Some serious toe dexterity going on here

After the duo wore the same dress to the Ingrid Goes West premiere, Plaza has apparently turned on her former friend by exposing the horrible secret of Olsen's bad temper and hand-feet. For the record, while the “Tea at the Plaza” segment was certainly planned, the tea that was spilled was most likely not — though Plaza’s interview style is strangely exciting and uncomfortably funny, she’s not doing it on purpose. 

In an interview with The Independent from April 2021, Plaza talked about her many viral talk show appearances, saying, “I think it’s hilarious that people know me from my talk show appearances and not my actual work. … I just think are silly, and the format makes me uncomfortable on so many levels. So my way of dealing with it is to just play into that. … It’s funny because I’m very nervous before I go on. I don’t have this elaborate performance ready; I’m literally just trying to be normal. But I can’t do it.”

If trying to be normal means accusing Joy Behar of supernatural necrophilia and exposing the truth about Scarlet Witch’s extremities, we want to see what Plaza is like when she’s trying to be weird.

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